MADERA — A recent video that circulated on social media involving Bigler Township Regional Police Officer Tim O’Leary pulling his service weapon on citizens was discussed during Monday night’s Bigler Township Supervisors meeting.

Chairman R. Philbert Myers spoke of the video near the beginning of Monday’s meeting, stating he also watched it.

“I’m very confident it was well-deserved,” Myers said. “I put my two cents in to Mr. O’Leary that if you have to pull your firearm on anybody to diffuse any situation, there needs to be charges brought fort. So if anybody is going to be upset down the road that he’s done his job, they can come attack me and not him.”

O’Leary explained more of the video to the handful of residents in attendance, stating it was only a “portion of the video” that was released. He also stated individuals in a truck shown in the video were not kids.

“They were all adults,” O’Leary said. “The one that was recording it was 40 years old.”

O’Leary identified the man taking the video at the meeting, stating he has been “in and out of the system,” while also stating the ages of others involved and mentioning another person’s recent skirmish with State Police.

“They posted what they wanted to post, the person in that video,” O’Leary said.

O’Leary said one of the people was removed from the vehicle while making disparaging remarks back at him and eventually all of them left the vehicle.

“When they jumped out of that vehicle, I didn’t know what they were going to do,” O’Leary said. “They could’ve been armed, I didn’t know that. If you’ll notice in that video, my firearm was not pointed at them, (and was) with what they call a ‘high ready’ in case I was forced to use that.”

O’Leary also said there were rumors that the person was pulled over for tailgating, to which O’Leary said was not true.

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“I was sitting out front of the police department in my police vehicle,” O’Leary said. “I literally walked out of my office and sat in my police vehicle. He drove up next to my vehicle, piped me and took off at a high rate of speed up over the hill. By the time I pulled out, he was already to the top of that hill. That’s when he pulled into (a resident’s) driveway.”

O’Leary said at that point, he was concerned of his own safety in being outnumbered.

“They will be receiving charges,” O’Leary said.

Ironically, O’Leary said without the video, he would have only been able to charge the driver with a traffic violation, “as it was four against one.”

However, since the video was posted to social media, O’Leary said, “Now I have the evidence to pursue for disorderly conduct.”