MORRISDALE — Last week, Jason and Janelle Bainey were extremely thankful for their son, Landon, who is now 15 years old.

On May 7, 2005, Landon — who was just 27 days old at the time — aspirated and went into cardiac arrest.

Jason said they were in Bethany, W. Va. at his sister Heather’s college graduation and to see her play softball after the ceremony.

“We went to get into the car and he was totally blue,” Jason said. “My wife and I both started freaking out and I grabbed him and ran to the top of the hill to the paramedics.”

Jason said at the time he had “totally aspirated ... and they gave him mouth to mouth on scene.”

“They got him in the ambulance and they rushed him the whole way to Wheeling Hospital,” Jason said. “When we got there, they rushed him and he was flatlined. They were working on CPR ... and they said they had to Lifeflight him.”

The worst feeling a parent can have is something happening to their child, and Jason said those at the hospital gave them the unfortunate news to “expect the worst.”

Landon was then flown to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as Jason and Janelle had to drive. Doctors later told them Landon was resuscitated three times in flight.

“When we got there, he was in really bad shape,” Jason said. “They didn’t expect him to make it through the night. The first 72 to 80 hours, he was on 100 percent oxygen.”

Jason said they also couldn’t predict that if Landon did recover, if there would be any effects such as brain damage.

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However, on the fourth day, Jason said Landon came around in the middle of the night and actually ripped a tube from his throat.

“About the fifth day is when he finally showed some recovery,” Jason said. “They started weening him off his oxygen a little bit at a time.”

On the 10th day, Jason said Landon was completely recovered, stating at the time, doctors weren’t exactly sure what happened to cause the near-fatal situation. Because of this, whenever Landon was sent home, the hospital sent a sleep apnea machine, heart machines, etc. to figure out why it happened.

“We’ve been really lucky he’s never had any signs of any (problems since),” Jason said.

Later on, Jason said they figured it was something like that of which when an adult takes a drink and it causes them to cough. Jason said when Landon was fed, it went straight into his lungs and caused him to aspirate immediately.

“It was insane,” Jason said of the day.

Jason said they were very lucky that Landon’s issue took place while they were at an event. Police even escorted them to Wheeling Hospital.

Today, Landon is doing well and has no side effects. He’s in the eighth grade, is homeschooled through Liberty University Christian Academy, and has been doing quite well with wrestling and other sports.

The year after it happened, Jason said they went back to visit the people at Wheeling Hospital and those involved with saving Landon. Jason and Janelle continue to be grateful to this day.

“We still send a card down every year on the anniversary,” Jason said.