Signs mark joint purpose use roads

A sign labels Oak Grove Road in Morris Township for ATV and UTV owners.

MORRISDALE — All-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles will be allowed on all Morris Township roads.

An ordinance last July opened specific township roads for ATV, UTV and snowmobile use. The new resolution makes every township road available for joint use purposes.

Supervisor John Saggese opposed the action last July due to safety concerns. Children, he noted, frequently exceed a safe speed. Some children also operate the vehicle without a proper license or do not wear helmets.

“I honestly feel there’s a liability of someone who could get killed,” he said.

However, Saggese seconded the motion at Wednesday’s township meeting.

“I do feel that we’re discriminating against the other people on the other township roads, and that’s why I’m going to second the motion,” he said.

Saggese added that if the board wanted to terminate the ordinance, he would be the first to make a motion. With the current situation, fighting against the use of ATVs on roadways is a losing battle.

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“They’re running on state roads anyway, not just our township roads. They’re up and down the state highways,” said Saggese.

Supervisor Josiah Jones stressed the difference between state and township roads. Although prohibited, riding ATVs on state Route 53 remains popular, according to supervisors.

“They need to understand that there is a difference between the township roads and the state roads,” Jones said.

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails put up green signs labeling roads approved for ATV use last year, according to Jones. More signs are expected to be placed on approved roadways in the near future.

With the expansion, Saggese encourages parents to speak with their kids about proper safety while operating an ATV or other vehicle.

“Parents out there who have children that are on these side-by-sides and ATVs,” said Saggese, “maybe they don’t realize that just as quick as we made this ordinance possible, our board here can terminate that ordinance just as fast as we got it.”

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