BURNSIDE — Highlights from Burnside Borough Council include:

1. Council reported the borough received its 2019 liquid fuels allotment of $18,195.

2. Council discussed repairs needed for the borough’s backhoe tractor.

3. Council tabled its review of procedures for the property maintenance complaints until all members were in attendance. Secretary Suzanne Koziel said she spoke with representatives of Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency, the company that performs property maintenance and building inspections on behalf of the borough, who said any complaints should start as a civil proceeding brought by the borough.

President Ed Somerville said he has always believed that.

“If there is a problem in town, I think it should come to council and we will decide what happens with it.”

4. Council also discussed road bonding procedures but took action. Koziel reported she has spoken with a local municipality’s supervisor who related the procedure his township uses.

5. Council approved having the roof of the Community Center examined for possible leaks.