WESTOVER — Harmony Area School Board on Tuesday reviewed the following items for consideration at its Tuesday, Dec. 3 business meeting.

1. Approving a volunteer junior high boy’s basketball coach. Chloe Bracken is recommended pending receipt of all necessary clearances.

2. Hiring Burnside Township to apply anti-skid to all parking lots at the school complex. The cost is $65 per visit and $75 if a special trip is required.

3. Recommended approving American Natural, Pittsburgh, to supply fuel for the district’s generator at a price of $2.6150 per gallon plus .03 cents per gallon for winter additive. Acting Superintendent Dale Kirsch reported two proposals were received in response to the district’s advertisement; however, the other offer did not include a fixed price as specified and had to be disqualified.

4. Hiring a 7-hour cafeteria employee at a salary of $8.25 per hour with single benefits.

5. Adding to the cafeteria employee substitute list. Eva Pearman and Diana Hagens are recommended.

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6. Accepting the resignation of Jeanette Price as a para-educator/personal care aide, effective Dec. 4 and advertising the position.

The school board will hold its reorganizational meeting Tuesday, Dec. 3, prior to its monthly business meeting, beginning at 7 p.m.