WESTOVER — Taxes are going up for Harmony Area School District residents.

At Tuesday’s rescheduled meeting, the board adopted the school district’s 2019-20 spending plan. The budget projects next year’s total revenue at $6,349,807 and expenses at $6,443,491. There is a deficit of $83,684.

The budget was adopted with a 2.6 percent increase to property taxes paid by Clearfield and Indiana counties’ residents.

The increase is less than the 3.4 percent Act 1 tax inflation index adopted by directors last year. The increase would add approximately $25,000 to the general fund’s coffers.

Because Harmony Area School District is made up of municipalities from two counties, the new millage rates were created using a formula developed by the state Board of Education Tax Equalization Committee.

Adding in the additional percentage, Clearfield County residents would see 2.2 mills added making the new rate, 86.4 mills or $8.64 for each $100 of assessed property value. Indiana County residents will have an additional .25 percent added making the new rate 8.25 mills or $8.25 per $100 of assessed value.

Business Manager Brad Brothers reported the amounts of income and expenditures are slightly different than those in the tentative budget approved by the board at its May business meeting.

“We were able to make some small changes to the numbers. We found some savings in healthcare costs and several other areas where we were able to make some small cuts,” Brothers explained.

The board retained taxes supporting the general fund. They are $5 each, per capita and Act 511 annual per capita tax; 0.5 percent earned income and realty transfer taxes in municipalities that have adopted a wage and transfer taxes; and a $10 occupational privilege tax.

Members also approved the resolution for the homestead/farmstead exemption for qualified property owners in the district. Clearfield County residents will received tax relief totaling $121.54 and Indiana County residents, $121.50.