PENFIELD — Parker Dam State Park has announced its environmenal education programming for the weekend of July 9-12:

Thursday, July 9

Cabin Colony Explore: Disbursed Off-trail Hike –10:00 a.m. –Cabin Road, above Cabin 1

Meet the naturalist along the cabin road to begin this off-trail disbursed (to maintain social distance) hike through the woods of Parker Dam State Park to explore and discover sections of the park not normally seen.

Friday, July 10

PA’s Return to Elk –8:30 p.m. –Campground Amphitheater

In 1913, elk returned to Pennsylvania. But, their success here was not always certain. Learn why they had been absent, how they have become a conservation success story, and possibly some facts about PA’s elk that you never knew.

Saturday, July 11

Hike Trail of New Giants and Vista –9 a.m. –bench near CCC Museum

Enjoy this guided hike through the 1985 tornado blowdown and see what 35 years of new growth looks like. We will also take the trail spur up to the vista overlooking the park. Bring water.

Recommended Video

Solar Energy –1 p.m. –Beach House lawn

Learn about solar energy and how the park uses it. Photovoltaic, solar thermal, concentrating solar, thermoelectric, and more.

PA’s Natural Symbols –3 p.m. –Beach House steps

There are natural resources found in Penn’s Woods that represent the Keystone State very well—that’s why they are, by law, symbols of Pennsylvania. Learn more about these resources and what makes them special.

Beavers –8:30 p.m. –Campground Amphitheater

They are perhaps nature’s best engineers, building large dams to hold back water all over North America. Learn more about this interesting rodent as we watch an up-close view of life in and around a beaver pond.

Sunday, July 12

Tea and Talk –7 p.m. –Beach House back steps

Bring your own cup to sample some sweet fern/mountain mint tea grown right here in the park. Talk is whatever interests you about the environment. The Sunday evening tea and talk has been a summer tradition for over 25 years.

Note to visitors attending educational and interpretive programs at the park: Program attendees are advised that they must have face coverings in their possession, social distancing will be required during the program, and attendance will be limited.