COALPORT — A glitch with a voting machine in Coalport Borough caused a snafu Tuesday night in posting Clearfield County election results from the general election.

County Director of Elections Dawn Graham told The Progress on Wednesday that an electronic voting machine used in Coalport’s precinct failed to close properly and did not report vote totals.

“By the time we knew about it Tuesday night it was too late to go and get the machine. (Information Technology Director) Adam Curry went early this morning and retrieved the machine and recollected the votes from the terminal. A 70 of 70 precinct’s vote total was posted on Clearfield County’s website before 10 a.m.”

The totals recovered from the machine did not change the outcome of any races in the election, Graham said.

Graham said although votes for the Clearfield County Commissioner’s race between Democrats David S. Glass and Lisa A. Kovalick was narrow with only 50 votes separating Glass — who was declared the winner with 6,425 votes over Kovalick’s 6,375 — there will not be a recount of results unless one is requested.

Glass released the following statement to The Progress yesterday.

“Congratulations to Commissioners Sobel and Scotto on their re-election and my thanks to Lisa Kovalick for running a clean, issues-focused race. She was a very strong candidate and remains an asset to our county.

“I’m honored and humbled that over 6,400 voters chose me to serve on the Board of Commissioners. I promised to bring transparency and accountability to the office and I will work hard to fulfill that promise.”

Graham said when a repeat tabulation is called for, it is often by the opposing candidate. She said anyone requesting a count be performed a second time must file a form and pay the accompanying fee at the Clearfield County Prothonotary’s office.

“It’s a process,” Graham said, adding a recount in most cases is not relevant. “In all likelihood, the vote totals would not change since the tabulation is done electronically,” she said.

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Graham said Friday, Nov. 8, the county’s election board will begin tabulating write-in votes from Tuesday’s election.

“We will work until we are done going through the votes. It generally takes about two weeks until we certify the votes,” she explained. All vote totals from Tuesday’s general election are unofficial until they have been certified by the county’s board of election.

Graham said because someone whose name is written in for a position can win with as little as one vote if no other votes are received, all write-in votes will be reviewed.

“We have to look at everything in the fall,” she noted.

Anyone who is elected to a position within the county, whether through write-in votes or receiving the highest totals on the ballot, will be notified by the Clearfield County Department of Elections and Voter’s Registration.

“When winners are declared, they will receive paperwork. Those receiving paperwork are required to acknowledge it,” Graham said.