DuBOIS — A St. Marys-based seafood business is expanding into downtown DuBois in the near future, bringing a “vacation in your hometown” vibe to the local community.

Zak and Janice Breniman of St. Marys, owners of Dream Catch on South St. Marys Street, said the shop’s second location at 1 W. Long Ave. in DuBois will open in the month of April, keeping the same name and offering fresh, high-quality seafood dishes at an affordable price.

Since the DuBois facility is larger, it will be offering a more extensive selection of products, said Janice, including larger display cases of fresh catches and more exotic meats.

The Brenimans encounter many DuBois clients at their St. Marys location, she said, with people driving back and forth with “huge” orders. So, when the opportunity came along to expand, they dove right in.

The DuBois store was supposed to open sooner, but has experienced licensing roadblocks due to COVID-19, said Janice.

The Brenimans thrive on offering something unique to the area, they said. A different aspect of the business will be serving food on an eco-friendly, biodegradable palm leaf for those who dine in. There will be no wait staff, but seating will be offered for those who would like to sit down after ordering their food.

Drawing inspiration and ideas from trips to the beach, Zak said the goal is to provide a “vacation vibe.”

There are many Dream Catch favorites, including salmon, scallops, ahi tuna and lobster macaroni and cheese — selling 100-200 pounds per week — as well as weekly specials like sushi, specialty items like mako shark and featured plates like crab-topped lobster and stuffed lobster tails.

Besides its regular menu, the fresh display case in DuBois will offer grab-and-go meals with items like salmon, shrimp and chicken salads and pastas, or snow or king crab legs. Prices are kept reasonable for families, the couple said.

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The goal is to also utilize and support local businesses as much as possible, Janice noted. She commended Downtown Imprints in DuBois for making all of the Dream Catch apparel that will be for sale.

They are still looking to hire two or three more employees for the DuBois location, she said.

Dream Catch is known for its giveaways, too, and posting live videos on a regular basis, said Janice, something they very much enjoy doing.

They aim to offer guidance for customers on how to cook their products at home, they said, offering nutritional dishes people can cook themselves. They also encourage parents to help children develop a “pallet for seafood,” since they can grow up with healthier tendencies and are open to trying new things.

Dream Catch employees are trained to do the same when a customer comes in, Zak said.

“The shopping experience is different when the person behind the case can recommend and educate,” he said.

But, employees also don’t up-charge customers to cook the products, either, and they are always happy to do so, Janice added.

The couple noted they will be posting videos on the Dream Catch Facebook page to keep the DuBois community updated on aspects such as parking and available specials once open.

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