This is one of the intersections in Curwensville Borough that will be improved using an Automate Red Light Enforcement funding provided by the state Department of Transportation. Curwensville is slated to receive $247,277 to upgrade this intersection and the one at State and Filbert streets.

CURWENSVILLE — At a special meeting Friday, Curwensville Borough Council signed a resolution accepting state funding to upgrade two antiquated stop lights.

Council also granted permission for Secretary Terri Bracken to complete any paperwork associated with the project.

In January, council learned the borough’s application for Automated Red Light Enforcement funding was accepted. Last year, the state Department of Transportation announced it would distribute $13.1 million in funding to pay for 41 safety improvement projects in 34 municipalities. One of those chosen was Curwensville.

The borough was awarded $247,277 for traffic signal upgrades at the intersections of Filbert Street and State Street, state Route 879 and State and River streets and Bloomington Avenue. Improvements will include light-emitting diode signal heads, pedestrian improvements and timing adjustments. The amount is the estimate for the project as determined by PennDOT.

The borough’s match is $7,000.

Council members said in January they were very pleased the borough’s application was chosen as both lights are in need of rehabilitation because of their age and the project would have been very costly for the borough to undertake.

Under state law, grant funding is supplied by fines from red light violations at 31 intersections in Philadelphia. The law specifies projects improving safety, enhancing mobility and reducing congestion can be considered for funding. Municipalities, throughout the commonwealth, submitted 116 applications, totaling almost $33.6 million in requests.