CURWENSVILLE —Curwensville Mayor John Adams said both he and the members of the Curwensville Police Department are following the direction of Curwensville Borough Council’s police committee and have worked out a schedule for the coming month.

“It gives me great pleasure to inform the residents of Curwensville that we do have a police presence for 30 of 31 days in August,” Mayor Adams said. “We are continuing to work to perfect the schedule but it’s tough when the officers have other obligations. Some of those such as court hearings can be subject to change but we will continue to work and hopefully get the schedule down to a happy medium for all concerned.”

He noted the officers’ schedules, court proceedings and other obligations can make creating a monthly schedule arduous and the department must remain budget conscious.

“With having just two officers, can we get 100 percent of the days? No. Council has also informed me numerous times that there can be no overtime for the police department and I have to stick to that request.”

At a special meeting Aug. 6, police Committeewoman Rhonda Carfley said the committee had reviewed the department’s August schedule prior to the Aug. 6 meeting and found it lacking. She expressed concerns there were several days and two full weekends where no officers were scheduled for any shifts.

She said the committee had worked out a draft of a tentative schedule where there is at least one shift every day and had also met with the department’s officers and given them permission to help the mayor prepare the work schedule so there are no significant lapses in coverage.

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Adams suggested residents who would like the borough to have additional coverage or believe some of the issues could be resolved with the addition of a part-time officer should express their thoughts to council’s finance committee.

“This is the time when council is starting to work on the draft of the 2020 budget,” he said, noting a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 6:30 p.m.

At Monday’s meeting, council’s finance committee Chairwoman Harriet Carfley reported while many of the expenses council had planned for in the 2019 budget are currently less than the amount council had set, the police department has exceeded the amount calculated by the finance committee to be spent by this time in the year.