Curwensville Borough Council discussed ongoing issues with parking in front of Karen’s Barber Shop on Filbert Street in Curwensville Monday. In November council approved allowing the shop’s physically disabled customers to park there at the owner’s request. They said again Monday they are in support of the customers being permitted to park there.

CURWENSVILLE — Curwensville Borough Council heard a Filbert Street business is continuing to have problems with its parking spot for disabled customers.

President Sara Curulla on earlier this week said council received a letter from Karen Potts, owner of Karen’s Barber Shop on Filbert Street, stating there are still problems with her physically handicapped customers being able to park in front of her business.

In November, Potts appeared at council’s meeting requesting assistance on behalf of several of her customers with physical disabilities.

She asked for a “No Parking –Loading Zone” sign at the front of her business be removed and a handicapped parking sign be placed there allowing customers with a state-issued placard to park on the sidewalk there. She said she has a few customers with physical disabilities and walking any distance would be difficult for them.

Council supported her request and said they would order a new sign to be installed in front of her business.

Curulla said some of the responsibility for the ongoing issues lies with council because it did not directly notify the police department that it approved Pott’s request.

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“We need to notify the police that her customers can park there,” she told council, adding that short-term parking has been allowed at the site through the years for multiple businesses.

Councilman Dave Donahue said, “I see no problem with with her clients parking there. She only has a few.”

Councilman Tom Carfley said if council doesn’t allow short-term parking there they will have to contact other businesses in the borough and tell them they can no longer have short-term parking for loading and unloading in front of their businesses.

Potts’ letter noted she recently spoke with an official from the state Department of Transportation who told her there is enough room for a handicapped space if the vehicle parks on the sidewalk. Curulla said Potts told her the vehicle is parked there for less than the 20 minutes time allowed by the loading sign.

Councilwoman Harriet Carfley said there are issues with parking in various locations throughout the borough and she believed council should request the borough’s planning commission study parking throughout the borough and offer suggestions.

“I would like to see them look into parking for us and see what they come up with.”