This building housing team facilities, public restrooms and official’s changing rooms at Coach Andy Evanko Stadium, Curwensville, will be coming down. A new 1,000-square foot facility will be built at the stadium with work starting as soon as possible. Once the new building is complete, the current building will be torn down.

CURWENSVILLE — In the future, the hometown crowd and visitors are going to be more comfortable at Coach Andy Evanko Stadium in Curwensville after Curwensville Area School Directors approved awarding bids for the field’s new restroom project.

At Thursday’s special meeting, the board awarded bids for the project that would construct a 1,000 square-foot one-story building to house team facilities, public toilets and changing rooms for referees on stadium property, replacing the facility behind the scoreboard that was constructed in the late 1960s.

Lezzer Lumber Co. of Curwensville is providing materials for the project that are being purchased through the state’s cooperative purchasing program.

The board accepted the four lowest bids received for general construction, electrical construction, plumbing construction and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Bids were opened on July 16 and reviewed and endorsed by the project’s consulting engineer KTH Architects Inc., DuBois.

Directors accepted the proposal from Fred L. Burns, Shippenville, for general construction in the amount of $330,700; Dave Kronenwetter, Kersey, for electrical construction in the amount of $109,000; Curwensville Heating & Plumbing LLC, Curwensville, for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the amount of $31,750; and Overdorf Snyder Mechanical Inc., DuBois for plumbing construction in the amount of $163,433.

The total cost for the project including the materials and engineering comes in at just under $750,000.

Board member Jeff Shaffer, who is the owner of Curwensville Heating & Plumbing, abstained from the directors’ vote.

Superintendent Ron Matchock, Jerry Bankovich representing KTH, district Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Kris Bacher and district Business Manager Paul Carr, all reported they were pleased with the proposals received.

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“The district got more than it expected along with pretty good prices,” Matchock said, adding, the current structure is very antiquated and no longer meets requirements for public restrooms. Matchock said if the board opted not to accept the proposals, they were going to have to repair the building for the 2020-21 sports season and would still need to eventually replace the facility.

Bacher said, “We received a large amount of bidders from out of the area. That shows people are looking for work. I believe we got good pricing with the bids. If the board waits, it will cost the district more.”

Carr, who serves on the West Branch School Board, noted the West Branch district advertised a similar project, and bids for that structure came in at more than twice the amount.

Not all board members were in favor of doing the project at this time.

Director Gary Witherow said he could not support the project. He told the board there are currently too many unknowns concerning the school district’s future revenue and expenses.

“We are pushing more than three-quarters of a million dollars for a building that is used for extra-curricular purposes and with the pandemic I just can’t see it. If it were for educating the students that would be different. In my mind the project can be delayed because we are not sure there will even be a football season,” Witherow said. He later voted no on approving the awards.

According to information presented at a previous board meeting, work will begin this summer. Once the new structure is completed, the existing building will be demolished.