Raymond Matthew Nestlerode, 37, of Woodland who is accused of not properly supervising his young daughter and bringing drugs into Clearfield CountyJail, had his preliminary hearing continued for three weeks.

Nestlerode asked for the delay to hire a private attorney.

Nestlerode is charged with contraband-controlled substance, a second degree felony; endangering the welfare of children, a third degree felony; recklessly endangering another person, a second degree misdemeanor marijuana-small amount-personal use, and possession of drug paraphernalia, both of which are ungraded misdemeanors.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on June 1, Clearfield-based State Police were called to 884 Main St. in Bradford Township for a 1-year-old child wandering in the middle of the street without supervision.

Upon arrival, police discovered a young female child weating a T-shirt and diaper. She was with an adult woman who said found the child standing in the middle of the street and was almost struck by a vehicle.

The woman said she knew where the child lived so she took the child to the home and knocked loudly on the door for an extended period of time but no one answered, so she called the police.

Troopers went to the residence and found an open door. The interior of the residence was extremely messy and looked like a burglary or home invasion occurred.

With the possibility of someone being inside injured, troopers banged on the door and shouted loudly for several minutes. Eventually they heard a low, raspy male voice upstairs.

Troopers identified themselves and told him to come downstairs.

Nestlerode came downstairs looking disheveled and disoriented. He was wearing pajamas and appeared to have just woken up.

Troopers explained why they were there and asked about his role with the child. He said he was the girl’s father and she had been upstairs with him but couldn’t say when he last saw her.

Nestlerode became hostile and argumentative and appeared to lose interest in the child and was instead allegedly insulting and disorderly.

When Nestlerode turned around, troopers could see he had a syringe sticking out of the back of his long hair.

Nestlerode was arrested and he was carefully searched due to the possibility of syringes. He was also asked if he had any additional drugs or paraphernalia on him and warned him of the consequences of taking drugs into the jail.

Nestlerode said he didn’t have anything else on him.

Nestlerode was transported to the Clearfield County Jail. Along the way he became increasingly agitated and swore during the entire trip and threatened lawsuits but never asked about his daughter. Upon arrival at the jail, he was searched and a small bag of marijuana was found in his pocket.

Police interviewed the child’s mother who said Nestlerode was responsible for the girl’s care while she was at work.

Nestlerode is incarcerated in the CCJ in lieu of $50,000 monetary bail.