A Morrisdale woman who admitted to using methamphetamine and marijuana while pregnant was sentenced to state prison by President Judge Fredric Ammerman yesterday at Revocation Court.

According to Deputy District Attorney Trudy Lumdadue, last August, Jessica Jo Sabol, 40, of Osceola Mills, was on probation after being released from the Clearfield County Jail after pleading guilty to endangering the welfare of children, a felony of the third degree.

She failed to report to probation as directed and was arrested on Feb. 27 at the Kylertown Plaza. When taken into custody, she admitted to using methamphetamine, marijuana and Subutex.

Her attorney, Steven Johnston of the public defender’s office, said he does not dispute the violations but said the probation department’s recommendation of eight months to two years in SCI-Muncy was too harsh, and wanted an explanation why.

Steven Gillespie of the probation department said he made the recommendation because she had previously been convicted of felony endangering the welfare of children, and now she is admitting to using methamphetamine while pregnant with her seventh child.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Gillespie recommending a state sentence is for the protection of her unborn child,” Ammerman said.

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Sabol said she didn’t know she was pregnant when she used the methamphetamine, and said she wouldn’t have taken it if she had known. She said she is getting her life in order, and she now has a home and is getting married.

Ammerman asked her how far she is along in her pregnancy and she said about four months. Ammerman then noted that if he sentenced her to the Clearfield County Jail, she would have her child before her sentence would be completed, and she would have to be furloughed at some point from the jail to give birth.

Ammerman revoked her probation and resentenced her for endangering the welfare of children to serve eight months to two years in SCI-Muncy.

In 2017, Sabol pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of children, felony of the third degree, five counts, and was sentenced to serve six months to one year in Clearfield County Jail plus two years consecutive probation. She was also prohibited from using or possessing alcohol or controlled substances without prior approval from the probation department and was prohibited from entering any bars, according to a previous article in The Progress.

She was reportedly living in deplorable conditions with five children.