Jessica Ayres DO


Dr. Jessica Ann Ayres, 41, of Clearfield, who is accused of driving under the influence and driving around a stopped school bus, waived her right to a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Michael Morris Wednesday at Centralized Court held at the Clearfield County Jail.

Ayres is charged with DUI-controlled substance, an ungraded misdemeanor; and meeting/overtaking school bus, obedience to traffic control devices and duties at stop sign, all of which are summary offenses.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Nov. 18 at 8:37 a.m, Officer Austin Miller of the Clearfield Borough Police Department was on patrol and was driving on 4th Street when a white BMW at the intersection with Leavy Avenue entered the intersection before making sure it was clear, forcing Miller to hit his brakes.

The BMW traveled south on 4th Street. On the corner of 4th Street and Ogden Avenue there was a school bus loading children and it had its lights and stop sign activated as well as its yellow stop bar extended.

The BMW drove around the school bus and the yellow stop bar, and continued through the intersection.

The vehicle then turned left onto Park Avenue. Park Avenue is posted at 35 mph and the vehicle was traveling at approximately 53 mph.

Miller initiated a traffic stop and when he informed Ayres why he stopped her, she said she didn’t know it was illegal to drive around a school bus.

Miller noticed her motions were erratic and she showed signs of impairment.

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Miller conducted a sobriety field test (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) and she showed signs of impairment. But he did not ask her to get out of her vehicle to perform the walk and turn and the one leg stand tests because of the cold temperatures and slippery roadways.

He asked her if she was taking any medication and she said she had taken gabapentin, which is a pain medication/anti-seizure medication.

She was taken to the Clearfield Borough Police Station and was read her Miranda Warnings, which she signed.

Officer Elliott Neeper of the Lawrence Township Police Department, who is a drug recognition expert, was requested to come to the station to test Ayres.

Ayres said she wanted to speak to her father, who is an attorney, before taking the test. She was informed that she does not have the right to speak to an attorney or anyone else prior to taking the test and if she does request to talk to an attorney before taking the test it would be considered a refusal.

Ayres signed the notice that she knew what her rights were and was released to her mother.

Ayres was represented by attorney Christopher Mohney of DuBois, the commonwealth was represented by Assistant District Attorney Roy E. Cross III.

According to a Penn Highands Healthcare news release that was published in The Progress on Jan. 1, 2018, Ayers had just joined the healthcare system and established a family medicine practice in Curwensville.

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