Accused drug dealer Eric James Kyler, 42, of Clearfield who also was involved in a plot to smuggle drugs through a hole in the wall at the Clearfield County Jail, received a lengthy state prison sentence by President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman after pleading guilty yesterday at sentencing court.

Kyler pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy-possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance-methamphetamine, and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, both of which are ungraded felonies; contraband-controlled substance, criminal conspiracy-contraband controlled substance, possession of controlled substance, criminal use of a communication facility and was sentenced to a total of 66 months to 14 years in state prison.

However, Senior Deputy Attorney General David C. Gorman said the commonwealth is willing to waive Kyler’s ineligibility for alternative minimum sentencing. Kyler’s alternative minimum sentence would be 55 months if he complies with the program.

According to the affidavits of probable cause, on Feb. 1, Lawrence Township Police and officers with the Clearfield County Drug Task Force were observing a residence on Daisy Street in Clearfield for possible drug activity.

Police witnessed Kyler and another male leave the residence in the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped by police and inside the vehicle were found $19,020 in cash locked in a box in the back seat area, a loaded syringe containing methamphetamine and numerous small baggies commonly used in drug trafficking. Kyler also had approximately $2,000. Waltmon had $660 and two Xanax pills in his possession.

Kyler had possession of the keys of the locked box on his keychain.

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Police testified at the preliminary hearing they believed Kyler was leaving to purchase more drugs from his supplier.

On Feb. 26, CCJ Warden Gregory Collins reported Kyler and and several other inmates conspired with Jessica Kyler to smuggle the prescription drug Seroquel through a hole in the wall at the jail. Surveillance video at the jail showed a women who appeared to be Jessica Kyler arriving at the jail and approaching the wall where the hole is located. There are also recorded phone conversations between Jessica and Eric Kyler and they could be heard discussing the how to get the drugs through the hole and eventually how they were successful in smuggling the prescription medication Seroquel into the jail using the hole.

However, the contraband had become stuck in the hole. Jessica Kyler then left and retrieved a screwdriver and a hanger to push the items through the wall.

Jessical Kyler has also pleaded guilty to the crimes and she is still awaiting sentencing.