A Grampian woman has been charged with cruelty to animals after she left two dogs in an RV for eight days without food or water.

Betsy Clark, 42, is charged with two counts of cruelty to animals, which are classified as misdemeanors of the second degree; and two counts of neglect of animals, which are misdemeanors of the third degree

On Tuesday, Trooper Jonathan Uren of Clearfield-based state police responded to an abandoned building in the area of the Woodland Bigler Highway and Rock Lane in Bradford Township for a report of two dogs being left in an RV.

Upon arrival, Uren found two dogs sitting in the front seat of the RV. One dog appeared scared and skittish. The complainant said a woman named Betsy left the dogs in the RV on June 15.

The RV was unlivable and was leaking water from the roof. The complainant said there was no food or water left for the dogs but said he fed the dogs on Monday.

Uren ran the VIN number and found the RV was registered to Betsy Clark.

The state police then transported the dogs to the SPCA.

A preliminary hearing on the charges has been scheduled for Aug. 12 at 9:45 a.m. before Magisterial District Judge Jerome Nevling.

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