Eric C. Whitehouse, 52, of DuBois was sentenced by Judge Paul Cherry to state prison after pleading guilty to DUI and recklessly endangering another person yesterday at Special Sentencing Court.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on March 12, Sandy Township police were dispatched to W. Washington Avenue for a physical altercation, but were unable to locate the disturbance.

County Control continued to provide locations for the caller, as the caller was apparently in a moving vehicle.

Police then responded to 11 W. Long Ave. when a witness reported a male was assaulting a female in a green Honda SUV.

Police located the vehicle on Parkway Drive at the intersection with DuBois Street. Police reported Whitehouse was driving the vehicle without his hands on the steering wheel and was shaking his hands at a female passenger.

When the Honda stopped, the female passenger frantically exited the vehicle and fell to the ground and was crawling on the ground away from the vehicle, crying hysterically.

She thanked the police officers for saving her and begged them to not release Whitehouse, fearing he would harm her.

When interviewed, the female victim said Whitehouse was acting erratically throughout the day and would say, “We have to leave before they kill us.”

She said Whitehouse began yelling at her and told her to pack a bag because they were leaving.

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He then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the stairs and forcibly pushed her into the vehicle.

He then began to drive the vehicle while holding onto her hair. She said Whitehouse threatened to punch her until she was unconscious and knock out all of her teeth.

She said she was able to reach into her purse and call 911.

She also said Whitehouse threatened to kill her several times but could not recall any exact quotes.

For the DUI-3rd offense charge, Cherry sentenced Whitehouse to $2,500 fine plus costs, and one to three years in state prison. He is prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol or controlled substances without prior approval from the probation department, and is prohibited from entering any bars or taverns. He is required to undergo a drug and alcohol assessment and his driver’s license will be suspended according to PennDOT standards.

On the recklessly endangering another person, Whitehouse was fined $1 plus costs, and sentenced to serve three months to two years in state prison consecutive to the previous charge, giving him a total of 15 months to five years in state prison.

Cherry also noted this is a domestic violence case and Whitehouse must surrender all firearms and all firearm licenses within 24 hours.

The victim told the court she wishes to have contact with Whitehouse, so a no contact with the victim clause was not included in the sentencing order.

Deputy District Attorney Lumadue represented the commonwealth at the hearing.