At a time when many residents feel helpless, Clearfield County Commissioners said they can assist in bolstering local businesses by patronizing them.

Commissioner John Sobel on Tuesday reported he’d had a call from the owner of a local business prior to the meeting.

“A lot of small businesses in the county are very concerned.”

Sobel went on to say many county businesses have had to close because they are considered non-essential or have reduced staff, hours and services to comply with mandates to reduce the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

“We want residents to be careful and follow the directives but if possible please support local businesses,” Sobel said, adding he knows many residents are concerned about going out but said county businesses are struggling and need help.

“If residents really feel the need to stay away we certainly understand, but eventually the restrictions will be lifted and when they are let’s swamp our local businesses with our business. They are going to need our help to get back on their feet,” Sobel said.

The commissioners also said if local businesses need assistance, the county is ready to lend a hand.

“If a business is looking for a bridge to assist with finances during this time, contact the county and the commissioners will do whatever we can to get information to you,” Sobel said.