Work is winding down for winter on the $3.7 million water line relocation/road resurfacing project on Front Street in Clearfield. Clearfield Municipal Authority heard, at its recent meeting, said the remaining work is expected to wrap up in early spring.

The Front Street waterline relocation project in Clearfield will not be completed until next year.

At Clearfield Municipal Authority’s recent meeting, members heard a progress report from Engineer Jim Balliet of Altoona-based Gwin, Dobson & Foreman Inc.

Balliet said, “Roman Excavating installed all the main lines along Front Street and is currently trench paving. They plan to install the remaining insertion valves, tapping sleeves, hydrants and connections before Thanksgiving.”

Balliet said a meeting was held Nov. 10 about the project.

Pipe testing, disinfecting and new service installation will not be completed until early spring of 2021.

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Balliet said the project is not able to be finished this year because of the closing of the local asphalt plants whose product would be needed to repair the sections of the street that had to be opened to install the project’s components.

The $3.7 million water line relocation, a joint effort between the municipal authority and the state Department of Transportation began in September.

The cost for the work is being shared by the two entities with PennDOT paying 75 percent of the cost and the municipal authority paying the remaining 25 percent or approximately $257,000 according to a previously published report.

The waterline relocation was the portion of the project scheduled for 2020. Other work scheduled for the 2021 construction season includes drainage improvements, installation of new, larger pipes and inlets, roadway restoration, sidewalk installation, driveway improvements, and traffic signal upgrades. That work was announced to occur from spring through October of 2021, weather permitting.

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