Clearfield Borough Planning Commission members will begin reviewing the borough’s peddler’s ordinance with thoughts of revising requirements.

At Monday’s meeting, planning commission member and Clearfield’s Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack said the planning commission would be reviewing a number of borough ordinances throughout 2020.

“Council wants to codify the borough’s (ordinance) book,” he said. Through the codification process, the laws would be made available on the borough’s website,” he said.

“A lot of ordinances have to be updated. Some of them have fines as low as $5 and say you can’t feed the horse in the roadway. We are going to have to go through all of the ordinances and get them straightened out. That’s one of the jobs of the planning commission,” Mack noted. The peddler’s ordinance specifically needs to have the time peddlers can start and end addressed, members said, along with the permit fee currently $24.

Planning commission members briefly discussed specifically who must abide by the peddler’s ordinance.

Mack said, “Anyone who goes door-to-door asking people for money has to have a permit. If they are not selling things they can go door-to-door,” he explained. “We can change the whole ordinance, but we need to think about the future and make sure the ordinance is applicable to future years,” Mack said.

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Mack told the planning commission anyone who applies for a peddling permit in the borough is subject to an extensive background check. He said the process takes 10 days to complete. Permits, once issued, are currently good for 30 days.

Mack said the borough receives approximately 30-40 requests for permits each year, including those made on behalf of vendors associated with the Clearfield County Fair.