Clearfield County is getting grant funding for housing rehabilitation that will meet resident’s needs. At Tuesday’s Clearfield County Commissioner’s meeting, Community Development Specialist Lisa Kovalick reported the state Housing and Finance Agency has accepted the county’s application and awarded $60,000 through the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement program.

Safe, decent and affordable housing were identified as needs throughout the county during a housing needs and market assessment study conducted in 2012. Data collected for the plan specifically showed a shortage of reasonably-priced and available rental units for residents who meet criteria for low and extremely low income. Other issues found in information collected for the study is a large number of residential structures that are currently at risk, blighted or abandoned.

“With rehabilitation, these housing units can easily be turned into much-needed affordable rental units, improving both the county’s rental housing stock and preventing blight,” Kovalick said.

The PHARE funding would be used to create new affordable rental housing through refurbishing abandoned, at-risk property located on Daisy Street Extension. Clearfield County will assure the property would be maintained as an affordable housing rental unit to residents who meet income qualifying standards.

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Clearfield County Planning and Community Development will oversee the property’s rehabilitation and rental of the two housing units. The work will be done using the state’s Community and Economic Development’s housing rehabilitation guidelines. Repairs and improvement work to be done include foundations and basement hatchways, windows, flooring, grading, drainage, sidewalks, rodent infestation, proper ventilation and exhaust, exterior conditions, structure, roof and wall anchors, doors, windows, porches, stairs, hand railings, chimneys, lighting, plumbing, mechanical units, electrical and fire safety requirements, Kovalick said.

The commissioners approved Chairman John Sobel signing the contract for the grant funding. The board thanked Kovalick for her work in obtaining the much-needed funding to benefit county residents.