While many young people linger through the summer months in anticipation of the start of the Clearfield County Fair, Clearfield County’s many 4-H members spend much of their summer working hard preparing to exhibit their animals there.

According to Penn State Extension 4-H and Youth Development Educator Hannah Alexander, a majority of those 4-H members took part in the annual Livestock Extravaganza June 16.

The extravaganza, held at the Clearfield Driving Park, is a central location where members can get their animals ready for display and competition at the fair.

She said the event is sponsored by the Clearfield County Livestock Sale Committee. “4-H members are able to bring their animals to one place. They can get veterinary inspections and vaccinations, if their animals need them, from Dr. William Wise, they can have their animal’s hooves trimmed by Farrier Travis Edwards and a livestock committee member will tag their animals so that they are ready to go for the fair.”

“It’s a great opportunity for 4-H members. Everything they need is all right there at the Driving Park,” Alexander said. She said the event reduces 4-H members’ expenses for travel and the amount of time they must devote to making appointments for the veterinarian and services required for participation in the fair.

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She said the extravaganza began at 8 a.m. and was finished at 11 a.m. “We had about 30 members take part this year. It was a good turnout and everything went pretty quickly.”

The event is also good for Alexander as she can see 4-H members, their parents and group leaders in a more relaxed setting.

There is also training. This year, Alexander presented two sessions for quality animal management on biosecurity and farm management practices. “All of the county 4-H members come from different situations. Some are raising their animal projects in their backyards and others live on farms of various sizes. I try to gear the content of the sessions so that everyone can take something away from them. I try to make them relevant to their lifestyle and so that they and their animals will be protected when they come to the fair.”

Alexander said she believes the Livestock Extravaganza could be unique to Clearfield County. “I don’t know of any other counties where this happens,” she said.

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