CURWENSVILLE PROPERTIES Branding iron and Spinellis

The owner of the buildings housing the former Branding Iron restaurant and the Spinelli Ford garage on State Street in Curwensville has been given 60 days by Curwensville Borough’s property review board committee to either come up with a plan of action to rehabilitate the structures or a contract for their sale. The buildings and several others throughout the borough have received citations from Curwensville’s code enforcement officer for violating borough codes.

CURWENSVILLE — Curwensville’s Property Review Board continues to work on inspecting and remediating structures within the borough by taking action against some of them.

At its recent meeting, the committee heard reports from borough Code Enforcement Officer Tom Carfley about several properties he has inspected.

The owner of a structure on Bloomington Avenue was given 30 days to submit a plan of action to the borough’s office for remediation of the property. The plan must address all areas of concern the committee said. If a plan is not filed within the 30-day time period, then it will be recommended Curwensville Borough Council take action to have the owner relinquish the property, demolish the structure and place the land into conservancy.

Chairman Hildred Rowles said, “The committee doesn’t want to have to take anyone’s property, but the borough has the legal steps in place.”

The 30 days will expire before the committee meets again on Dec. 8.

The owner of a second property on Bloomington Avenue will also be given 30 days to acquire a loan and a signed agreement with a contractor to repair the structure, the committee reported. Carfley reported the roof on the structure is in extremely poor condition, the building is full of trash and debris and needs new electrical wiring, heating system, plumbing and windows.

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“It is a major undertaking for someone,” Member Terri Bracken said, adding the owner was issued a building permit April 19 and nothing has been done to the structure to date.

If the owner fails to acquire funding or a contractor the building will enter a 90-day plan for the building to be demolished and recommended to council to place the property into conservancy.

Action was also taken on a building on Center Street that was converted into apartments. The apartment on the second floor had a radiator burst and now there is water damage on the first floor. Carfley told the committee he believe the building could be rehabilitated. The property owner was provided with 30 days to come up with a plan of action or an agreement for sale.

The committee instructed Bracken to send out paperwork giving a 60-day timeline to have a second inspection completed on the utilities serving the former Branding Iron and Spinelli buildings and for the owner to come up with a plan of action or a contract for sale of the structures. If the owner fails to take action it will be recommended Curwensville Borough Council place the properties into conservancy.

Three properties are scheduled for demolition in December if Curwensville Borough Council approves the action. The buildings are located on Windy Hill, Second Avenue and Bloomington Avenue. Owners of those properties were notified in September they had 90 days to remediate the properties. Council will file a claim for each in the district magisterial court requesting liens be placed on assets of each owner.

The committee also authorized sending its fine schedule and amounts to be charged for each day a property owner fails to correct or legally appeal charges to the borough’s solicitor for review.

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