Landlord of the year

Pictured are, from left: Deb Shook, Deputy Director; Nicole Brown, Director of Housing Management; Marty Clark, Landlord of the year; April Stear, Asst. Section 8 Coordinator.

Jefferson County Housing Authority Section 8 Program recently awarded Marty Clark of Punxsutawney a certificate honoring him as 2019 Landlord of the Year. This is the first time such an honor has been given by JCHA and they are hopeful to continue to make this an annual presentation, for a landlord who they believe goes above and beyond to work with participants in the Section 8 program.

Clark has been a landlord in Jefferson County since 1988, when he bought his first rental on Perry Street. It was a single-family home that he renovated into a triplex. Then he bought the house next to it and did the same thing. As so his story as a landlord began, to the point where his endeavor has taken on a life of its own. To this day, he still owns those first two investments and has gradually acquired other units from that time. Those first two purchases have long had units in them that have participated in the Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program over the years.

In talking to JCHA staff about this award, Marty had much praise for the Section 8 program with such statements as “it’s what Section 8 provides for the community, not what I do” and “Section 8 supplies the money, I supply the house, but they (Section 8) do all the work.” Marty further said, “Relationship is what counts, on the same page we can all work together and keeps everyone happy. Compromise.”

Marty has participated in the Section 8 program since 1994, and approximately one half of his units are participating in the program at any given time.

Nicole Brown, Director of Housing Management, said “Marty has a spirit of helping and assisting others and we’re so very thankful to have him participating in our program. He’s a gem. We can’t operate our program without willing landlords and Marty is always willing to work with us in whatever way he can to assist our participants.”

Anyone interested in the Section 8 program or any landlords who would like more information on the program may contact the program staff at (814) 938-7140 extension 114 or 115 or via email at or