Reader tells ‘Why I vote Democrat,’ urges all to vote

Mail-in ballots will arrive soon. Fill them out carefully, add postage, mail them; better yet, deliver them to the Jefferson County Board of Elections, 155 Main (Jefferson Place) (not the courthouse), Brookville.

Vote for a democracy that includes all people; the party that provided me, a woman, with the opportunity to vote; the party that guided us through the Great Depression and World War II; the party that developed the Social Security system that sends me a monthly check; vote for the party that enacted the GI Bill that funded my husband’s education; the party that provides me with Medicare and that believes no American citizen should be without medical care; the party that provides family and medical leaves to my working grand-daughters as well as the Fair Pay act that assures they are paid equal to what a man would earn; for the party that passed the Civil Rights bill of 1964, yet is a party that knows there is still a long way to go in terms of racial equality.

My vote will be for candidates who will immediately address the COVID pandemic; for candidates who have described concrete plans to put people to work; for candidates who are all-inclusive when they speak and legislate; for candidates who will build back better.

Yes, I will vote for a party that strives to form that more perfect Union described in our Constitution.

Carole A. Briggs


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Reader clarifies ‘abandoned

home’ in Houtzdale

It was recently reported in The Progress newspaper that the Clearfield-based state police were investigating the removal of copper pipes in an abandoned house near Houtzdale.

That abandoned house is the beloved home of the Karlinchak family, a place where cousins get together, campfires get started, and good cooking abounds. There are so many memories for the 45 first cousins of the original 13 children.

My mother would be heartbroken to have it be called so. The spirit of my aunts and uncles remain there. Alas, some copper tubing is missing, but love never fades for our family home in Pennsylvania.

Susan A. Kubler, daughter of No. 11

Wiscasset, Maine

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Reader shares thoughts on alleged incident

After reading the recent article about his alleged unfortunate doings, I was dismayed not only by the alleged actions of the former mayor of DuBois but with the extreme detail given by both Sheetz and the Courier of the various items taken. All for the princely sum of $80.75. Wow, I don’t even know the guy but would gladly reimburse Sheetz to make this go away.

I see a person with a slight sickness, not uncommon in our society with a passion for chocolate milk, not a dangerous criminal bent on destruction.

The surveillance system of Sheetz is amazing and this article should serve as a warning to any potential shoplifters entering their premises. The FBI should be as efficient.

Richard Hockman


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Vet doesn’t believe ‘loser and sucker’ news report

I’m a vet and not a loser or sucker. I’m also not one to believe a Trump hater reporter that makes up stories.

21 people on the visit never heard it because it wasn’t said.

Also, the weather was too bad for choppers to fly and Trump is not afraid to get his hair wet.

Jim Washburn


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