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The challenge of getting a new job is greater today than ever before, due to a number of factors—including the recent events disrupting the global economy and impacting businesses across all industries and sectors worldwide, as well as a huge resultant surge in people searching for new employment opportunities. These are indeed challenging times, which […]

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While you can’t anticipate which exact questions you’re going to be asked in a job interview situation, recruiters can actually be pretty predictable and consistent when it comes to their interview content. Recruiters are trying to suss out whether you’ll be a good fit for their openings, so the baseline questions are often very similar. […]

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In today’s winner-take-all, ultra-competitive job market, smart candidates take full advantage of every opportunity to get ahead of the competition in order to get noticed and be taken seriously by today’s savvy hiring managers. Simply put, if you’re not approaching your job search with this level of all-or-nothing seriousness, then you’re putting yourself at a […]

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In the U.S., the average retirement age for workers is 65 for men, and 63 for women. Many assume that workers who are 60+ are lining up at the retirement door. However, with financial uncertainties and other motivations at play, millions of Baby Boomers continue to stay in the workforce. And in fact, according to […]

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Adulthood is littered with tricky minefields of responsibility—take the right steps from the beginning and you can avoid disaster, but make too many wrong moves and things could turn out badly. Chief among the responsibilities that we must take seriously when leaving the safe confines of the classroom and entering the adult world are handling […]

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In today’s volatile economy and tumultuous job market, it pays to be ready for anything. Unfortunately, the concept of job security is increasingly becoming an antiquated notion, and regardless of whether or not we like our jobs or how diligent we are at handling our work responsibilities, most of us are susceptible to the possibility […]

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You’re in the interview. You have your talking points down cold, and you’ve rocked the small talk portion of the interview. You’re ready to talk about your job qualifications all day if you need to. Then the interviewer smiles, looks at you, and says, “This is all great. So where do you see yourself in […]

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