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Today is Primary Election Day — and yesterday Clearfield County was busy delivering and setting up its new equipment. The county switched to a scannable paper ballot this year. Pictured are workers Mondo Lopez, left, and Chris Mignogna, both of Brookville, delivering the voting equipment to the Hyde Fire Hall precinct in Lawrence Township yesterday morning.


Clearfield H.S. to hold commencement at Bison Stadium

Clearfield Area High School Class of 2020 will be holding its commencement ceremonies in Bison Stadium, according to Superintendent Terry Struble.

“We are going have all the speeches and recognize all the students on the stage,” Struble said. “We are going to give them their day.”

There was some question of whether an in-person graduation ceremony would be possible due to the COVID-19 emergency; therefore the school developed a backup plan where the ceremonies would be held virtually.

Because of anticipated thunderstorms on Wednesday, the ceremony will instead be held on Thursday starting 7 p.m., Struble said in a telephone interview.

Due to social distancing guidelines, the school is limiting attendance to graduates and their immediate families.

Everyone else is asked to watch the ceremony on the internet. Struble said the school will be live streaming the event on YouTube. A link will be provided in the next few days, Struble said.

“Even though it is outside we are asking (the event) be kept to immediate family so we can control the size of the crowd in the stands,” Struble said.

The ceremony will be like a normal commencement ceremony except the band and choir will not be performing. Students will be on the field as normal but will be sitting at an appropriate distance from each other.

Seniors are being asked to come to the school at 8 a.m. today for practice and to retur textbooks, laptops and uniforms. Students should expect to be there until noon.

Houtzdale Revitalization group chooses winning logo entry

HOUTZDALE — Houtzdale Revitalization Association now has an official symbol to represent the organization.

A design created by KateLynn Luzier, a former resident of Brisbin and now of State College, was chosen as the winner of the association’s recent logo contest.

Entries were accepted between January and March for the competition. Contestants were asked to incorporate the mission of the HRA into their designs and reflect members’ positive desire to see growth in Houtzdale.

“All entries received were very good. KateLynn’s design had railroad tracks which represents Houtzdale Borough’s past and it also has a young plant portraying growth, new beginnings and future possibilities,” HRA Member Elsie Harchak said. Members voted for their favorite from the six entries received at the organization’s April meeting that was held via Zoom, Harchak said.

Luzier is a 2014 graduate of Moshannon Valley School District and a 2016 high honors graduate of South Hills School of Business and Technology.

She has experience in newspaper print design, advertisement design, logo design, social media management and administrative duties. She currently is employed as a member of a real estate team at Kissinger, Bigatel & Brower Realtors. She also is the chairwoman of the volunteer marketing committee for the Central PA Fourth Fest.

She said she decided to enter the contest after her friend, Councilman Zach Bloom, posted his support of HRA and its goals on Facebook.

“We have several similar organizations in various parts of Centre County that do an amazing job, so I was very happy to hear that my hometown had one in the works. It’s always a good idea to have a committee or organization dedicated to bettering the community with the opinions of those who live in the community in mind.

“When I saw the post requesting designers to submit logo designs, there was no question in my mind that I would do my part to present options to HRA. I actually submitted two designs, one of which I designed to be very sleek and corporate-oriented so that it would work with anything. The other design that HRA ended up selecting was actually the second concept I came up with. I wanted to create a logo that involved Houtzdale’s past and it’s growth towards the future. My calling card in the field of graphic design is that I’m very efficient,” Luzier explained.

She said she was optimistic one of her entries would be chosen as HRA’s logo.

“I did hope that one of my designs would be selected, but I wasn’t wholly surprised. I don’t know of many other Moshannon Valley graduates or Houtzdale denizens who entered my field of work. I’m grateful to now be a part of the development of HRA’s brand and image. I hope to see more opportunities to help meet the community’s design needs in the future,” she stated.

HRA Member Zach Bloom said, “The logo for the organization is important because it shows off what HRA is about. The group’s motto is, ‘Making Good Things Happen in Houtzdale.’ The logo had to show that. The logo members chose has both the history which is shown by the tracks, but also the future through the plant at the bottom. Houtzdale can definitely be prosperous again. That’s why I think it was so important that the association’s logo shows not only the past, but more so what the group is striving for; an ever-growing community of people who care not only for each other, but who also take pride in the town they live in. I believe both the logo, and the organization invites anyone and everyone to join us in making this town a better place to live and work.”

Members Ann and John Berenbrok said they liked Luzier’s entry “because its artistic elements tied in with the town’s past and our future as Houtzdalers. The train tracks represent an important part of our past commerce; our whole name is clearly delineated and is place on a ribbon background as a prize might be placed; the green background and the new growth on the plant represent a healthy, growing future.”

HRA’s logo will be used to represent the group and will be featured on its Facebook page, correspondent, t-shirts. “Hopefully it will come to encourage community support through resident’s support of fundraising and projects. It will mean HRA making improvements and HRA in teamwork with other community organizations benefiting citizens and businesses,” Berenbrok said.

PSU's Damion Barber entering transfer portal - A9

Mark Bodle of Clearfield protested the death of George Floyd in front of the Clearfield County Courthouse. Floyd died while being arrested by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. Bodle held up a three-sided sign that said, ”Innocent until executed,” “Justice for George Floyd,” and “Accountability before Apologies.” Bodle said he plans to return to the courthouse this afternoon.


Philipsburg polling locations consolidated for June 2 primary

BELLEFONTE — Centre County officials announced the consolidation of its 91 precinct polling locations for the June 2 primary election in response to poll worker and voter safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 12, the Centre County Board of Elections adopted Resolution 2 of 2020 in order to make in-person voting as efficient as possible. The board approved the following plan for the consolidation of precinct polling locations for the June 2 Primary Election in the Philipsburg area:

  • The polling places for precinct 73, Rush Township South, and precinct 75, Rush Township West, are hereby consolidated to be held at the First Church of Christ, Philipsburg.

This plan was implemented to account for the limited number of poll workers and polling locations available for this election as a result of the public health emergency.

The changes will be posted on the door of each original polling location. Voting equipment will be sanitized throughout the day, hand sanitizer will be provided, and areas will be marked so that voters can maintain social distancing rules while waiting in line and filling out their ballots. Each voter will receive a new pen to fill in their ballot.

Mail in and absentee ballots must be received by the Centre County Election Office by June 2 at 8 p.m. Post mark dates do not apply. A secure ballot drop-off box has been installed at the Willowbank Office Building, 420 Holmes St., Bellefonte to help voters meet the deadline for the June 2 Primary Election.