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The Progress Home >> Monday, March 25, 2013 - Paradas filmed for ‘America Unearthed'

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Paradas filmed for ‘America Unearthed'
Monday, March 25, 2013
By Josh Woods Staff Writer
Tracking the famed Oak Island treasure has been a long and frustrating endeavor for Clearfield-based Finders Keepers, a treasure location and recovery service. Dennis Parada and his son, Kem, have been hot on the treasure's trail, but have yet to locate it and dig it up. Fortunately, good things come to those who wait.
March 15, Finders Keepers' patience began to pay off.
The Paradas and their associates, James and Ryan Trymbiski and Patrick Whelan, were featured on H2's season finale of "America Unearthed."
"I liked it ... I agreed with 90 percent of the show," said Dennis Parada. "They got all of us on camera, and I was happy with how they ended it."
The show followed forensic geologist Scott Wolter to Nova Scotia where he met up with Finders Keepers. Parada showed Wolter a "V" rock carving on Hobson Island he believes is a pointer to Oak Island. It's Parada's belief Templar treasure was located on Oak Island and relocated to a castle site in New Ross.
Cameras followed the Trymbiskis at the New Ross castle site as they used a long-range locator to triangulate a position. They appeared to use ground-penetrating radar to pinpoint a well, and images showed a void next to it. Whelan, an experienced diver was lowered into the well to investigate. He found indicators of a filled in archway inside the well.
Armed with this new information, Kem Parada is shown discussing the plight of the well. The group pumped it dry and sent Wolter in for a closer look. A large drill truck was then brought in. As the group looked on, operators hoped to drill into the void next to the well and locate the Templar treasure. Wolter hoped to find The Holy Grail.
"We were just tracking the Templar treasure," said Parada. "We didn't know if there was such a thing as The Holy Grail there. We were just hoping to find treasure."
Parada's team was filmed on Hobson Island and New Ross in October of last year. Filming for the show took about four days from sunrise to sunset, Kem Parada said. Writers for the show took their story and condensed it into an outline for them to follow, he said.
"There were a few things they wanted us to say word for word, but the show wasn't scripted or fake," said Kem Parada. "They basically gave us an outline of who's turn it was to talk and key words, so we knew whose turn it was to talk."
"If we do this again, I'd want to take more control of the filming," said Dennis Parada. "There's a lot of things you didn't see on TV behind the scenes that make a hell of story. Things the camera crew didn't know about."
After the show, Parada and Whelan continued to research the site. Finders Keepers has legally formed a Canadian branch of their company, and bought mineral rights there. Parada said the group located naturally occurring gold at the New Ross site in the form of a nugget and fine pieces.
"The biggest chunk is still in a drill hole," said Parada. "Our biggest fear was the camera company put it there for a happy ending to the show. They didn't put it there, so we believe it's original to the site. There used to be a smelting office there, so we're not sure if we're finding misplaced bits at the surface."
In addition, Finders Keepers might have located tantalite, a rare Earth metal that China and Brazil have cornered the market on, Parada said. Possible tantalite samples from the site would be tested, he said.
"Tantalite is used in cell phones, televisions, computers and nuclear reactors," said Parada. "The United States just opened a mine to produce it out West that should be in operation next year. Canada was thought to be mined out."
Fresh off their television debut, Finders Keepers has moved on to its next film endeavor. The Paradas are working with an area film company to develop a documentary on their hunt for Civil War gold.
"Being on TV is unusual experience," said Dennis Parada. "It's a lot of pressure, and you have to watch what you say."
Note: The "Hunt for the Holy Grail" season finale of "America Unearthed" featuring Finders Keepers continues to re-run on H2 and can be found on YouTube.
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