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Tide keep seven wrestlers alive on first day of tourney
Saturday, February 23, 2013
By Rich Murawski Assistant Sports Editor
CLARION - The Curwensville wrestling team experienced the gauntlet of emotions Friday afternoon at the District 9 Class AA Tournament at Clarion University's Waldo S. Tippin Gymnasium. The Golden Tide highs included quarterfinal wins from Sam Bressler (106), Tyler Mays (120) and Jake Lancaster (132).
There was disappointment in very close quarterfinal losses by Trey McKenzie (145) and Ricky Magnuson (220).
And Curwensville got a big scare when 170-pounder Nate Wriglesworth came down hard on his face and shoulder as he and Redbank's Brandon Bailey wrestled off the edge of the mat, and the Tide senior had to default out of the tournament when he was taken off the mat on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. No other details were available at presstime.
McKenzie and Magnuson were still alive in this morning's third-round consolation, along with teammates Greg Koptchak (113) and A.J. Bloom (285).
Koptchak was pinned by Redbank Valley's top-seeded Willie Gruver in the quarters, while Bloom lost by fall to Cameron County's Jack Karsten.
Mays had perhaps the biggest win of the day for the Tide as he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a takedown and two back points in the final 10 seconds of his 6-4 quarterfinal win over Port Allegany's Dalton Caden. Mays pinned Keystone's Austin Curtis in 1:08 in the preliminary round.
Bressler earned a hard-fought 2-0 win over Kane's Austin Woolcock their quarterfinal battle, making a second-period reversal stand up. Bressler had a bye in the first round.
Lancaster made quick work of Johnsonburg's Cole Myers in the prelims, pinning the Ram sophomore in 1:11. He followed that with a 12-6 decision over Cameron County's Paul Etchepare in the quarterfinals.
Lancaster and Etchepare traded big moves in the bout, putting each other on their back and nearly getting falls in the first and second periods, respectively.
The Tide sophomore had a slim lead in the third when he was able to work Etchepare to his back once more to put some space between them on the scoreboard.
McKenzie scored a third-period fall over Kane's John Welch in his opener, before dropping a tough, 3-1, decision to Ridgway's Zac McKnight in the quarters.
He recovered in the second-round conseys, pinning and eliminating Cameron County's Casey Clingan in 1:16.
Magnuson had a bye into the quarters, where he fell to Cranberry's Matt Baugher, 5-3.
The bout had a little controversy late in the third period when Magnuson took Baugher down in front of Tide coaches Mike Bookhamer and Steve Keller, but it was ruled the wrestlers were out of bounds.
That would have given Magnuson a 4-3 lead with under 20 seconds to go.
Magnuson came back from that disappointment to deck Johnsonburg's Justin Haupright in 3:16.
Bloom picked up a win in his preliminary bout, upsetting fifth-seeded Kaleb Tucker of Cranberry, 2-1.
After falling to Karsten in the quarters, Bloom received a bye in the first-round consolations.
Shawn Ebersole (138), Dakota Royer (152) and Wriglesworth each went 0-2 and were eliminated from the tournament.
Tide 182-pounder Austin Pollick had to scratch due to injury.
Curwensville stood in 10th place in the 16-team tournament when wrestling resumed this morning at 9:30 a.m. The Golden Tide had 30 points.
Redbank Valley was in first place with 72 points, followed by Brookville (68), Brockway (51.5), Port Allegany (51) and Smethport (48.5).

District 9 Class AA Wrestling Tournament
Team Standings and Key
1. Redbank Valley, RV, 72; 2. Brookville, BKV, 68; 3. Brockway, BRCK, 51.5; 4. Port Allegany, PA, 51; 5. Smethport, SM, 48.5; 6. (tie) Cameron County, CC, and Kane, K, 39.5; 8. Coudersport, CO, 35; 9. Oswayo Valley, OV, 31; 10. Curwensville, CU, 30; 11. Ridgway, R, 28; 12. Clarion, CL 23; 13. (tie) Cranberry, CR, 22 and Keystone, KEY, 22; 15. Johnsonburg, J, 17.5; 16. Sheffield, SH, 12.
Preliminary Round
106-Taylor Ortz, BKV, tech fall Ryan Kube, RV, 19-2, 5:47; Caleb Bailey, CL, bye; Austin Woolcock, K, bye; Sam Bressler, CU, bye; Ryan Carlson, BRCK, tech fall Scott Cokely, CC, 16-0; Tanner Barr, SH, bye; Hunter Southard, SM, bye; Casey Vollmer, PA, bye.
113-Willie Gruver, RV, bye; Jason Koptchak, CU, bye; Nick Baughman, KEY, bye; Dylan Baumgarner, PA, bye; Cole Aaron, BKV, bye; Kyle Holden, SH, bye; Tristen Duffy, SM, bye; Cody Blankenship, K, bye.
120-Trent Neely, SM, tech fall Trent James, OV, 17-0; Devin Joiner, BKV, bye; Tanner Altobelli, RV, maj. dec. Ricky Prosen, SH, 15-3; Brandon Saline, CC, pinned Adrian Weber, CL, 5:17; Tyler Mays, CU, pinned Austin Curtis, KEY, 1:08; Dalton Caden, PA, bye; Jon Gelsick, K, pinned Kyle Bryan, CR, 1:56; Mason Lindenmuth, BRCK, pinned Nick Ragosta, CO, 1:48.
126-Cole Clever, BKV, pinned Dustin Van Pelt, CO, 1:05; Riley Gunter, CL, dec. Justin Westerburg, K, 13-8; Adam Shunk, SM, dec. Brandon Johnston, SH, 5-3; Mitch Blose, RV, bye; Jack Glasl, BRCK, maj. dec. Seth Harry, CR, 12-3; Brett Himes, R, pinned Hunter Freer, PA, 4:41; Paul Etchepare, CC, bye; Jake Lancaster, CU, pinned Cole Myers, J, 1:11.
132-Karl Lightner, SM, bye; Joe Crate, CR, maj. dec. John Cerroni, R, 8-0; Zach Cokely, CC, pinned Austin Schreckengost, RV, 3:54; Zach Fitzsimmons, OV, pinned Hunter Yasurek, K, 3:24; Alex Zimmerman, J, bye; Lucas Manning, PA, maj. dec. Leo Aiello, CL, 11-1; Chad Rogers, KEY, pinned Jason Rulander, SH, 5:11; Dalton Zimmerman, BKV, pinned Dustin Jamison, BRCK, 1:31.
138-Brock Zacherl, BKV, pinned Cody McClintick, BRCK, 2:32; Austin Reddinger, KEY, bye; Luke Gallo, RV, pinned Dylan Reed, CC, 0:48; Jake Abrams, SM, pinned Eli Knapp, PA, 0:37; Darren Brown, K, pinned Shawn Ebersole, CU, 1:45; Doug Grubbs, SH, dec. John Wildnauer, R, 3-0; Jacob Troutman, CL, bye; Cody Bova, CO, maj. dec. Paul Zacherl, CR, 11-3.
145-Ty Haines, RV, bye; Justin Burgess, SM, pinned Haundray Muir, BRCK, 2:14; Trey McKenzie, CU, pinned John Welch, K, 5:55; Zac McKnight, R, bye; Mac Tanner, PA, bye; Caleb Garvey, J, pinned Casey Clingan, CC, 2:37; Ben Ragosta, CO, pinned Adam Barr, SH, 3:34; Zach Vroman, BKV, bye.
152-Kyle Bova, CO, pinned Andy Swartwood, K, 1:35; Mike Popson, R, maj. dec. Tyler Glass, CR, 11-0; Jimmy Duffy, SM, maj. dec. Tony Olivett, CC, 10-2; Sam Kysor, PA, pinned Logan Means, KEY, 1:50; Jimmy Miller, BKV, bye; Keson Truitt, RV, pinned Brandon Little, BRCK, 2:21; Steve Gregerson, SH, pinned Dakota Royer, CU, 3:10; Sam Colebert, OV, tech fall Addison Hockins, CL, 16-1; 6:00.
160-Evan Delong, K, bye; Mike Martino, BRCK, dec. Sean Kusnierz, OV, 1-0; Dalton Sheasley, R, bye; Logan Warnick, PA, pinned Jason Stiglitz, CR, 0:42; Brodie Zacherl, BKV, pinned John Hummel, J, 0:46; Jeremy Sedorchuk, CO, pinned Andrew Lathrop, CC, 0:40; Collin Maines, SH, bye; Cole Shirey, RV, bye.
170-Alex Gular, PA, pinned Austin Clinger, BKV, 0:12; Jordan Johnson, SM, pinned Kyle Hanna, CR, 3:44; Taylor Saline, CC, pinned Nick Ayers, CO, 0:52; Zach Stiglitz, KEY, bye; Anthony Benson, BRCK, pinned Ryan Geyer, R, 3:44; Jamie Lingenfelter, K, pinned Matt Reeves, J, 0:48; Nate Wriglesworth, CU, dec. Cody Anderson, SH, 9-6; Brandon Bailey, RV, bye.
182-Aaron Hook, RV, pinned Loren Kumher, K, 0:27; Austin Steele, BRCK, bye; Sam Delhunty, R, dec. Bryce Stahlman, PA, 9-2; Devin Mason, CC, pinned Jeremay Mason, SM, 0:54; Brandon Chambers, KEY, pinned Robert Straw, SH, 1:16; Zach Bruce, CR pinned Jake Keeseacker, BKV, 1:52; Alex Burkhart, CL, pinned Lee Brown, OV, 1:00; Forest Tuttle, CO, bye.
195-Jake Wichert, OV, maj. dec. Ethan Budd, PA, 12-2; Tyler Bertin, SH, bye; Luke Hinderliter, RV, bye; Casey Wolfe, BRCK, pinned Zach Beitner, KEY, 1:19; Nate Moore, K, bye; Mitchell Schloder, J, tech fall Nick Dibble, SM, 17-2; 6:00; Zach Sintobin, CL, dec. Cortland Smith, R, 8-5; Taylor Cudworth, BKV, maj. dec. Justus Burk, CR, 8-0.
220-Cal Haines, RV, pinned Troy Quail, R, 0:51; Nate Rodgers, OV, dec. Kyle Clay, CO, 3-1 OT; Josh Reynolds, CC, bye; Trent Neal, PA, pinned Justin Haupright, J, 1:15; Matt Baugher, CR, dec. Nate Bonfardine, BKV, 11-6; Ricky Magnuson, CU, bye; Tyler Beal, KEY, dec. Blake Morris, SH, 6-0; Andrew Bigley, CL, bye.
285-Nick Budd, PA, pinned Tommy Estes, OV, 1:02; Gavin Yahner, BRCK, bye; A.J. Bloom, CU, dec. Kaleb Tucker, CR, 2-1; Jack Karsten, CC, bye; Dylan Dinch, SM, bye; Zach Huet, CL, bye; Tom Smouse, BKV, bye; Ben Carrillo, RV, pinned Jeremy Ehrgott, SH, :20.
106-Ortz, BKV, pinned Bailey, CL, 1:10; Bressler, CU, dec. Woolcock, K, 2-0; Carlson, BRCK, pinned Barr, SH, 5:51; Vollmer, PA, tech fall Southard, SM, 17-0, 6:00.
113-Gruver, RV, pinned Koptchak, CU, 0:43; Baughman, KEY, pinned Baumgarner, PA, 5:56; Aaron, BKV, pinned Holden, SH, 3:11; Blankenship, K, pinned Duffy, SM, 0:24.
120-Neely, SM, maj. dec. Joiner, BKV, 13-0; Altobelli, RV, dec. B. Saline, CC, 3-2; Mays, CU, dec, Caden, PA, 6-4; Lindenmuth, BRCK, inj. def. Gelsick, K.
126-Gunter, CL, dec. Clever, BKV, 3-2; Blose, RV, dec. Shunk, SM, 6-1; Glasl, BRCK, dec. Himes, R, 2-1; Lancaster, CU, dec, Etchepare, CC, 12-6.
132-Lightner, SM, pinned Crate, CR, 4:51; Fitzsimmons, OV, pinned Cokely, CC, 4:34; A. Zimmerman, J, dec. Manning, PA, 13-6; D. Zimmerman, BKV, tech fall Rogers, KEY, 17-0, 5:40.
138-Brock Zacherl, BKV, pinned Reddinger, KEY, 1:01; Abrams, SM, dec. Gallo, RV, 12-7; Brown, K, dec. Grubbs, SH, 7-1; C. Bova, CO, dec. Troutman, CL, 4-0.
145-T. Haines, RV, pinned Burgess, SM, 3:49; McKnight, R, dec. McKenzie, CU, 3-1; Tanner, PA, dec. Garvey, J, 11-5; Vroman, BKV, inj. def. B. Ragosta, CO, 0:01.
152-K. Bova, CO, pinned Popson, R, 0:38; Duffy, SM, dec. Truitt, RV, 3-2; Miller, BKV, pinned Kysor, PA, 5:14; Colebert, OV, tech fall Gregerson, SH, 16-1, 3:03.
160-Delong, K, tech fall Martino, BRCK, 17-2, 3:48; Warnick, PA, dec. Sheasley, R, 8-3; Brodie Zacherl, BKV, pinned Sedorchuk, CO, 0:17; Shirey, RV, pinned Maines, SH, 1:46.
170-Gular, PA, tech fall Johnson, SM, 20-4, 3:40; T. Saline, CC, dec. Z. Stiglitz, KEY, 8-5; Benson, BRCK, dec. Lingenfelter, K, 8-2; Bailey, RV, inj. def. Wriglesworth, CU, 3:07.
182-Hook, RV, pinned Steele, BRCK, 1:03; Delhunty, R, dec. D. Mason, CC, 7-5; Bruce, CR, dec. Chambers, KEY, 2-0; Tuttle, CO, pinned Burkhart, CL, 5:55.
195-Wichert, OV, pinned Bertin, SH, 1:32; Wolfe, BRCK, pinned Hinderliter, RV, 2:38; Moore, K, dec. Schloder, J, 7-1; Cudworth, BKV, dec. Sintobin, CL, 5-0.
220-C. Haines, RV, dec. Rodgers, OV, 4-0; Neal, PA, dec. Reynolds, CC, 3-1; Baugher, CR, dec. Magnuson, CU, 5-3; Bigley, CL, dec. Beal, KEY, 6-4.
285-Budd, PA, pinned Yahner, BRCK, 1:06; Karsten, CC, pinned Bloom, CU, 0:36; Dinch, SM, pinned Huet, CL, 0:38; Carrillo, RV, dec. Smouse, BKV, 2-0.
First Round Consolations
120-Prosen, SH, dec. Weber, CL, 7-1; N. Ragosta, CO, pinned Bryan, CR, 2:23.
126-Westerburg, K, pinned Van Pelt, CO, 2:37; Freer, PA, dec. Harry, CR, 7-4.
132-Schreckengost, RV, pinned Yasurek, K, 4:48; Jamison, BRCK, pinned Rulander, SH, 2:02.
138-Knapp, PA, pinned Reed, CC, 1:53; Wildnauer, R, pinned Ebersole, CU, 1:24.
152-Glass, CR, maj. dec. Swartwood, K, 10-1; Olivett, CC, pinned Little, BRCK, 3:14; Hockins, CL, pinned Royer, CU, 0:48.
160-Lathrop, CC, dec. Hummel, J, 8-4.
170-Clinger, BRCK, dec. Hanna, CR, 3-2; Geyer, R, pinned Reeves, J, 0:33.
182-Mason, PA, pinned Stahlman, PA, 3:40; Keeseacker, BKV, dec. Straw, SH, 5-3.
195-Burk, CR, maj. dec. Smith, R, 10-2.
220-Clay, CO, dec. Quail, R, 6-5 RO.
Second Round Consolations
106-Southard, SM, dec. Kube, RV, 7-4; Woolcock, K, pinned Cokely, CC, 0:42.
113-No bouts.
120-Gelsick, K, pinned James, OV, 2:47; Prosen, SH, dec. Caden, PA, 1-0; B. Saline, CC, tech fall Curtis, KEY, 18-1, 3:00; N. Ragosta, CO, dec. Joiner, BKV, 7-5.
126-Etchepare, CC, pinned Westerburg, K, 1:56; Himes, R, dec. Johnston, SH, 4-0; Shunk, SM, dec. Freer, PA, 3-1; Clever, BKV, maj. dec. Myers, J, 13-0.
132-Rogers, KEY, pinned Cerroni, R, 2:35; Schreckengost, RV, dec. Manning, PA, 4-1; Cokely, CC, pinned Aiello, CL, 0:51; Jamison, BRCK, dec. Crate, CR, 5-4.
138-McClintick, BRCK, dec. J. Troutman, CL, 8-7; Grubbs, SH, pinned Knapp, PA, 0:36; Gallo, RV, pinned Wildnauer, R, 3:41; Zacherl, CR, pinned Reddinger, KEY, 2:14.
145-Muir, BRCK, inj. def. B. Ragosta, CO; Garvey, J, pinned Welch, K, 4:22; McKenzie, CU, pinned Clingan, CC, 1:16; Burgess, SM, pinned Barr, SH, 2:41.
152-Gregerson, SH, dec. Glass, CR, 6-3; Kysor, PA, inj. def. Olivett, CC; Truitt, RV, pinned Means, KEY, 3:37; Popson, R, pinned Hockins, CL, 3:40.
160-Kusnierz, OV, pinned Maines, SH, 3:53; Sedorchuk, CO, pinned J. Stiglitz, CR, 3:51; Sheasley, R, pinned Lathrop, CC, 0:52; Martino, BRCK, bye.
170-Clinger, BKV, inj. def. Wriglesworth, CU; Lingenfelter, K, dec. Ayers, CO, 10-8; Z. Stiglitz, KEY, dec. Geyer, R, 1-0; Johnson, SM, dec. Anderson, SH, 10-6.
182-Kumher, K, dec. Burkhart, CL, 9-2; Chambers, KEY, pinned J. Mason, SM, 1:33; D. Mason, CC, pinned Keeseacker, BKV, 2:11; Steele, BRCK, pinned Brown, OV, 1:48.
195-Sintobin, CL, pinned E. Budd, PA, 3:35; Schloder, J, pinned Beichner, KEY, 1:54; Hinderliter, RV, pinned Dibble, SM, 0:56; Bertin, SH, dec. Burk, CR, 8-6.
220-Beal, KEY, dec. Clay, CO, 2-1; Magnuson, CU, pinned Haupright, J, 3:19; Bonfardine, BKV, pinned Reynolds, CC, 4:15; Rodgers, OV, pinned Morris, SH, 0:10.
285-Smouse, BKV, dec. Estes, OV, 4-2; Huet, CL, pinned Tucker, CR, 0:38; Bloom, CU, bye; Yahner, BRCK, pinned Ehrgott, SH, 1:35.

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