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Visit Clearfield County appoints officers
Thursday, February 14, 2013
By Wendy Lynn Brion Staff Writer
New officers were appointed at the start of Visit Clearfield County's governing board meeting yesterday. Based on a decision by the Clearfield County Commissioners, any board members whose terms have ended and they have served two or more consecutive terms, are being asked to step aside to allow other interested members of the community the opportunity to serve.
The commissioners stated in their letter that if no one else is interested in the position, then appointment of the incumbent would be considered.
In light of this new policy, seven board members will be leaving between this year and next year and so appointments of officers required careful consideration. Nominating committee Chairwoman Nancy Micks said there are also two empty seats on the board. She then made a motion to appoint the following: Chairman Hildred Rowles, Vice Chairwoman Tracy Mahan, Secretary Wilson Fisher, Treasurer Jane Elling and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Micks. The board voted to accept the appointments.
The board discussed the current travel planner, which is available to the public. Rowles said he had been absent from the January meeting, but when he returned home he and Executive Director Holly Komonczi had a conference call with Lunar Cow. Last month, Komonczi, who was absent from yesterday's meeting, informed the board that she was very unhappy with working with Lunar Cow for this year's planner, noting missed deadlines by the company and other problems.
The board examined copies of the planner as Rowles talked and he pointed out how the quality of the planner is different in the back portion than the front. He also noted that even the quality of the front cover was disappointing, noting that part of it is "muddy." There were also mistakes throughout the planner.
Other problems included the weight of the planners, which was different than promised and confirmed by the post office, which weighed last year's planner and this year's. Also, the number of planners per box was different than promised.
Rowles and Komonczi learned during the call that a different designer worked on the planner than in previous years, and that person will no longer be working with Visit Clearfield County. Instead, the previous designer will be hired as an independent contractor to work exclusively with VCC. Rowles and Komonczi also showed that their staff had been on time with deadlines, while Lunar Cow continually missed deadlines.
"We did voice our displeasure, and we got results," Rowles said. Lunar Cow is offering compensation for the problems and will fulfill the final year of the contract.
"It is still a very nice planner," Rowles added, commending the staff for its hard work on the planner.
"All businesses make mistakes," board member Terry Malloy remarked. "And they enjoy the opportunity to correct them."
The board also heard from Geotrail Intern Deborah Deihl on continuing work on the geocache trails in the county. She said they are currently working on a "Wet and Wild" water theme with caches all near the water. There will be 30 caches on this trail, she said. The committee is also working on various incentives and difficulty levels for people.
She said they are doing away with the stamps because the stamps go missing. Now, searchers will find a code in the cache and write it in their passports. The committee is also looking at including QR codes so searchers can use their smart phones.
The kickoff date for the new trail is tentatively set for May 4, and Deihl said they are working with area restaurants to offer a drink and snack to anyone who can show a geocache passport. More information will become available closer to the kick off date.

In other business:
• the board learned of the resignation of Kim McCullough from the board due to her taking the position of director of Clearfield Chamber of Commerce and on the advice of the chamber's solicitor.
• after a brief executive session, Malloy made a motion to rescind the Nov. 14, 2012, motion regarding accepting Cress-Woods contract for the new office building of $1,500 with the tourism promotion agency completing all remodeling costs. He then made a motion to accept a new contract with Cress-Wood for a turnkey ready office complex at 212 Hammermill Road for a monthly rent of $2,225 per month, plus permission for the executive committee to sign lease contract pending solicitor approval.
• the board approved a letter in support of Dr. Jeffrey Rice adding dining rail cars to his business, Dr. Doolittle's Roadside Café and Creamery. The letter will be sent to various organizations including the Lumber Heritage Region, DuBois City and Sandy Township.
• the board also approved VCC staff attending the Pennsylvania Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus annual tourism conference May 5-8; paying the cost of any board member wishing to attend training hosted by the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association; purchasing LYNXIS units to enable improved networking for office staff at a cost of $12.95 each.
• discussion was held on a request from Jefferson County for help in organizing its own tourism promotion agency. The board agreed they would be willing to give advice, but not to create a joint authority.
The next meeting will be held at the current office, 12 Front St., Clearfield, on March 13 at 8:30 a.m.

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