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Clearfield splits with Bellefonte
Thursday, January 3, 2013
By Jon Christoff Sports Writer
HYDE - Clearfield swimmer Krystal Wriglesworth bearhugged head coach Jackie Morrison after Wednesday's meet with Bellefonte and took her for a birthday dip at the deep end of the Robert L. Shearer Natatorium.
Morrison prefers to hit the pool with her swimmers at the season's end, but she isn't complaining too much after her Lady Bison picked up a pivotal win in their quest for a second straight Mountain League title.
Clearfield won just two events, but its depth proved to be the difference in downing the Lady Red Raiders, 89-81.
"We're still so green and I don't know what other word to call it," said Morrison. "We're so green and we're so raw. Bellefonte is amazing, boys and girls. There's not a weak kid among them.
"I had fun watching their swimmers and our swimmers. You don't see state-caliber swimmers in the pool everyday. ... A win is a win and that's important, but the girls need to know how they won. We can't get too high and mighty ... (but) I can't take the win away from them because they worked hard."
Conversely, the 12-man Bison faced a team with similar numbers.
Unfortunately for Clearfield, the Red Raiders' power proved to be too much to overcome.
Like the girls, the Bison won just two events, but it was Bellefonte's turn to control the crucial second- and third-place finishes.
The Raiders cruised to a 105-65 win to hand Clearfield its first loss (4-1).
"Even though they have low numbers on the boys' side," Morrison said, "they housed us. They took it to us. We're not big either, so it was fair, but they're state level.
"I'm looking for them to go top 3 in a relay or two, and I'm looking for (Andrew) Rosenberger to win one or two events. They're going to bring home a lot of medals and a lot of hardware."
The Lady Bison's only individual win came from freshman Claire Mikesell in the 50 free.
Mikesell's only competition came from teammate Lauren Conrad, who picked up monumental second-place points to help Clearfield erase an early deficit.
The two teamed with Wriglesworth and Kara Thorp for the Lady Bison's other win in the 200 free relay.
"We needed it," said Morrison of the 50 free. "It went as we scripted it. There were a couple of events that they out-touched us, and those are things that are 2-point turnarounds. When you go from six to four points and four to six points, it starts to add up.
"I knew it was going to be close, and I knew we couldn't afford to make mistakes. We got fortunate because two of the events I thought we'd go 2-5, we ended up going 2-4. It picked us up when I didn't think we could recover. If they would have filled all of their lanes, I'm sure it would have been a different story."
Thorp and Wriglesworth each had a pair of second-place finishes. Thorp finished second fiddle to Cydnei Crust in the 200 and 500 free, while Wriglesworth was runner-up in the 200 IM and 100 back to Gwen Lowery.
The Bison followed suit with just two wins, including the 200 free relay.
Michael Spencer, Kyle Thompson, Alex Shugarts and Wyatt Flanagan teamed to take the relay, while the anchor bounced back from a decisive loss in the 200 free to win the 100.
Flanagan, who brought the relay team back on the final leg, won Clearfield's only individual event in 51 seconds.
"The boys swam well and Wyatt had a great 100 free," Morrison said. "He did kind of get it handed to him in the 200 free ... but they are on a different level because they swim all year around.
"That's who they are. It's a top-notch program now. As long as we're in the MAC, we have to swim them. When they lose one, they replace him with the same caliber swimmer."
Spencer picked up two second-place finishes for the Bison - the 50 free and 100 back.
Clearfield returns to action on Saturday when it hosts the Arctic Swim Classic.
"We're all at different places on the map," said Morrison of her team. "We have a lot of work to do. ... I love this kind of meet because they're so good that we really measure ourselves against them. We'll see where they take it from there."


Bellefonte 105, Clearfield 65
200 MR: 1. Bellefonte, 1:42; 2. Clearfield; 3. Bellefonte. 200 Free: 1. Thomas, B, 1:51; 2. Flanagan, C; 3. Tanney, B. 200 IM: 1. Rosenberger, B, 2:01; 2. Scordato, B; 3. Rockey, B. 50 Free: 1. Aberegg, B, 22.9; 2. Spencer, C; 3. Kaschalk, B. 100 Fly: 1. Schnarrs, B, 58.0; 2. Mennin, B; 3. Thompson, C. 100 Free: 1. Flanagan, C, 51.0; 2. Aberegg, B; 3. Newman, B. 500 Free: 1. Thomas, B, 5:03; 2. Shugarts, C; 3. Tanney, B. 200 FR: 1. Clearfield (Spencer, Thompson, Shugarts, Flanagan), 1:39; 2. Bellefonte; 3. Clearfield. 100 Back: 1. Schnarrs, B, 56.0; 2. Spencer, C; 3. Scordato, B. 100 Breast: 1. Rosenberger, B, 1:01.0; 2. Rockey, B; 3. Confer, C. 400 FR: 1. Bellefonte, 3:35; 2. Bellefonte; 3. Clearfield.


Clearfield 89, Bellefonte 81
200 MR: 1. Bellefonte, 1:59; 2. Clearfield; 3. Bellefonte. 200 Free: 1. Crust, B, 2:06; 2. Thorp, C; 3. Naddeo, C. 200 IM: 1. Lowery, B, 2:18; 2. Wriglesworth, C; 3. Smith, C. 50 Free: 1. Mikesell, C, 25.9; 2. Conrad, C; 3. Kerstetter, B. 100 Fly: 1. Fedor, B, 1:09; 2. Smith, C; 3. Barrett, C. 100 Free: 1. Scordato, B, 56.0; 2. Mikesell, C; 3. Conrad, C. 500 Free: 1. Crust, B, 5:47; 2. Thorp, C; 3. Barrett, C. 200 FR: 1. Clearfield (Conrad, Wriglesworth, Thorp, Mikesell), 1:49; 2. Bellefonte; 3. Clearfield. 100 Back: 1. Lowery, B, 1:03; 2. Wriglesworth, C; 3. Fedor, B. 100 Breast: 1. Scordato, B, 1:11; 2. Kirsch, C; 3. Kerstetter, B. 400 FR: 1. Bellefonte, 3:58; 2. Clearfield; 3. Clearfield.
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