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The Progress Home >> Friday, December 28, 2012 - Curwensville Borough adopts 2013 budget

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Curwensville Borough adopts 2013 budget
Friday, December 28, 2012
By Dianne Byers Staff Writer
CURWENSVILLE - At a brief special meeting last night, Curwensville Borough Council adopted the 2013 budget.
Next year's general fund expects income of $1,580,592. That figure breaks down to a balance of $735,300, carried over from the current year, and income from taxes including real estate, earned income and local services levies totaling $703,000.
Other revenue includes fines paid to the borough from the Clearfield County and the district magisterial courts, and the state and borough police of $21,300. Interest on checking and savings accounts is projected at $1,550.
Miscellaneous income includes pavilion rental at Irvin Park, cable television franchise fees and Act 13 of 2012 unconventional gas well impact fees totals $119,442.
The borough presumes to spend $1,274,933.47 next year. A breakdown includes $259,852 for administrative costs. That figure includes costs for payroll of council, the mayor, the secretary and assistant secretary and tax collector of $51,156; expenses related to the municipal building for electricity, water, cleaning and heating, $17,000; office expenses for the borough and the mayor including telephones and fax machines, supplies, repairs, postage and internet, $22,400; miscellaneous expenses associated with council, the mayor and the tax collector, $2,300; costs for the solicitor, engineer and auditors, $19,700; and expenses associated with the traffic lights on State and Filbert streets, Susquehanna Avenue and state Route 879, $3,200.
Insurance expenditures for general, property, vehicle, public official's liability, worker's compensation and employee's health insurance totals, $77,946. Miscellaneous expenses for Tanner's Run flood protection, the planning commission, Rescue Hose and Ladder Co. of Curwensville and employer payroll taxes are projected to be $66,150.
The police and public safety portion of expenses total $214,039. The breakdown includes payroll for the police chief, $42,691; a full time officer, $30,017; a part-time officer, $14,358; the code enforcement offcer, $16,848; and $8,475 for the animal control officer and crossing guard. Office expenses for the police for equipment, telephone, and fax, Internet and wireless is $14,800. Expenses for police vehicles total $49,000 which includes the purchase of a new vehicle that was approved in 2012. Other police and public safety expenses total $28,851 which includes supplies for the animal control and code enforcement officers, police clothing and training and fireman's relief funds.
Expenditures associated with parks and recreation total $33,300 which includes electricity at Irvin Park, maintenance to the road and grounds, repairs and maintenance, water and a reserve fund.
Council expects to spend $721,242 for streets and public works next year. That total breaks down to $150,000 for payroll for the lead man, a full-time equipment operator/laborer; a full time equipment operator/80-percent laborer and a laborer with 20 years of experience. Garage expenses for electricity, heat, telephone and water are projected at $8,200. Vehicle expenses are $78,000 which includes, fuel, repairs and maintenance and the purchase of a new truck at a cost of $60,000.
Expected projects total $448,042 includes costs for the wastewater line to serve the Arnoldtown area, Schofield Street, the purchase of street signs and miscellaneous paving. The other portion of the cost for streets and public works is for electricity for street lights, clothing for the workers and costs associated with PA One Call and Telpower.
The costs for fire and public safety total $46,500 including $19,300 for vehicle expenses and $5,000 for hoses and supplies.
The state road fund expects income of $110,117 including the state liquid fuels funds allocation of $67,317 and the state turn back allocation of $2,800 for the borough's maintenance of state-owned streets.
Operating costs for the state road fund are projected at $100,000 including $25,000 for anti-skid and salt for winter road maintenance and $75,000 for paving.
Voting to approve the spending plan were Julie Girardi, Don Hoover, Don O'Dell and Mary Ellen Read, council members. Members Mark Curulla and Mike Komonczi were absent.
Adoption of the budget was the only business conducted last night in keeping with the advertisement for the meeting.
Council's next meeting is Jan. 14 at 7 p.m.


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