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The Progress Home >> Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - Clearfield Co. Planning Commission celebrates anniversary

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Clearfield Co. Planning Commission celebrates anniversary
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
By Josh Woods Staff Writer
Clearfield County Planning and Development Commission last night commemorated its 50th anniversary with a regular monthly meeting. Solicitor Kim Kesner, Clearfield County Commissioner John Sobel, Community Development Specialist Lisa Kovalick, Planning Director Jodi Brennan and Planning Specialist Rob Thomas were on hand to celebrate the board's 50th anniversary.
"On behalf of Clearfield County, congratulations (on your 50th anniversary)," said Commissioner Sobel. "You guys do a great job, and what a very successful career this organization has had. I hope you have many more years of success."
Brennan said the board of commissioners created the planning commission on Nov. 23, 1962. Chairman Paul Winslow has spent 27 of the 50 years surveying for the commission, she said, and is a great example of a civil servant.
"I want to take this time to thank the board members for volunteering to serve and all of the past board members who have served," said Brennan.
The CCCPDC office completed a storm water consistency review of Clearfield Municipal Authority's water system improvements.
Staff found the improvements were consistent with the county's storm water requirements. CCPDC had no comment on PennDOT's submission of a proposed traffic control plan for a bridge replacement over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Goshen and Bradford Townships in 2014. The CCPDC office received a revised 2010 U.S. Census population and housing count.
Under correspondence, the commission learned DuBois City has filed a nunc pro tunc protest to joint applications filed by Total Environmental Solutions Inc.
According to information provided by Public Utilities Commission, the city filed a protest to the joint application filed by Aqua and TESI.
The application seeks for approval of Aqua's acquisition of the water assets of TESI, Aqua's right to start offering, rendering, furnishing and supplying water service to the public and TESI's abandonment of public water service and its franchise.
In other business, a state Department of Environmental Protection representative observed construction of Holiday Inn Express in Lawrence Township and determined no sewage planning had been approved. Hess & Fisher Engineers would submit a sewage planning exemption package to the township, correspondence said. DEP reviewed the planning exemption request for the north parcel being subdivided into two lots with construction of the hotel on Lot 1. It determined the proposal is not exempt from the PA Sewage Facilities Act.
In Gulich Township, DEP reviewed an updated revision for the Muddy Run Regional Authority on the Allemans wastewater collection system extension and approved it.
PUC notified the commission a final inspection of PennDOT's newly installed flashing-light railroad crossing warning signals on Market Street took place on Oct. 19.
Thomas reviewed two subdivisions in municipalities covered by the county's subdivision and land development ordinance. Both subdivisions were approved.
The Cheryl Taylor subdivision in Bloom Township is a 2-lot subdivision with a total area of approximately 3.581 acres, and no zoning applies. Lot 1, 1.125 acres, abuts U.S. route 219 and is to be conveyed as a residential lot. It contains an existing sand mound, waterline easement and a right-of-way easement. Thomas said a letter has been received from the water authority stating capacity, and the municipality signed a non-building waiver.
A residual lot, 2.456 acres, abuts U.S. 219 and is to be retained. It contains an existing house, carport, garage, two sheds, on-lot septic, a 20-foot utility easement for electric, an easement for a waterline and portions of a right-of-way for Old Route 219.
The Percy J. Charles and Marilyn Charles subdivision is a 2-lot subdivision with a total area of approximately 7.595 acres, and no zoning applies. Lot 1, 5.005 acres, is to be conveyed as forestland to Larry and Dorothy Charles. It contains a right-of-way for access to Lot 2 and a well on the Larry Charles property. Lot 2, 2.590 acres, is to be conveyed as forestland. The municipality signed a non-building waiver for both lots, Thomas said.
Winslow and board members Chad Diviney, Rita Bass and Jack West were absent from the meeting.
CCPDC's next meeting is Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Clearfield County administrative offices building.

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