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Twisted Sister delivers at fair
Monday, August 6, 2012
By Jeff Corcino Staff Writer
Twisted Sister headlined a four-band rock concert before an enthusiastic crowed to close out the Clearfield County Fair Saturday night.
Dee Snider, Twisted Sister's lead singer and songwriter, lead the 80s hair metal band in a high-energy, high-intensity hour- -and-a-half set on the grandstand stage.
Snider, with his characteristic long blond hair and screaming vocals, drove the band in a frenetic pace that was interspersed with interludes of humor.
The band burst onto the stage at shortly after 9:30 p.m. and opened with the its hard-driving song "What You Don't Know (Sure Can't Hurt You)," followed by "The Kids are Back," "Stay Hungry," and "Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant.)"
Snider often whipped the crowd into frenzy as well as laughing, with off-color jokes that usually included plenty of four-letter words that were often made at the expense of audience members, especially those in the grandstand, to get them off their seats and singing along with the band.
When they performed the song "I Believe in Rock ‘N Roll" Snider remarked that he was an ordained minister, (ordained online,) and said, "This is the church of Rock and Roll."
He then preached to the crowd as if it were his congregation imploring them to stand up and sing the chorus as loud as they could so "He" could hear them.
One of the band's guitarists Jay Jay French had a little fun with Snider, as well. He said the band just returned from a European tour and remarked the British press wrote Snider "looked like Sara Jessica Parker dipped in a vat of acid."
The band then performed "You Can't Stop Rock ‘n Roll," "Shoot ‘Em Down," and "The Fire Still Burns," before performing the band's signature hit from 1985, "We're Not Going to Take It."
The band followed with "The Price," "Burn in Hell," before closing its regular set with the band's second biggest hit "I Wanna Rock."
The band left the stage and as it waited for its encore and the crowed cheered, Snider began to chant backstage "Twisted Sister come out and play" over and over again with the sound of clanking glass bottles reminiscent to the famous scene from the 1979 movie "The Warriors," before returning to performing "Come Out and Play" before ending with "SMF."
However, starting with its second song and persisting for the next 30-40 minutes, Twisted Sister was beset with technical difficulties with Snider's microphone often cutting out requiring sound technicians to come on stage and give him another mid-song.
As the technical problems continued, Snider became frustrated eventually walked over to the side of the stage and berated the band's sound technicians over the microphone in front of the audience.
Afterward, Snider apologized and said to the audience "I hate to do that, but I'm out here working my ass off."
Taking the stage before Twisted Sister was Great White, who had returned to the Clearfield County Fair with its new lead singer Terry Ilous. The band last performed at the fair in 2008.
Great White, a blues infused metal band also originating in the 1980s performed a litany of the band's many hits including, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," "House of Broken Love," "Save Your Love," as well as a new song (I've Got) Something for You" from the band's new album "Elation."
Opening the concert was the rock band "Curbside Hustle," whose co-lead singer Michelle Ojeda is the daughter of Twisted Sister lead guitarist.
The modern rock band Jac and Jill performed next. The band performed a number of its own songs as well as a cover of the Foo Fighters hit "The Best of You."
Jac and Jill for approximately 45 minutes making the concert about five hours since Curbside Hustle started shortly after 6 p.m. and Twisted Sister finished after 11 p.m.
Those interviewed by The Progress following the show said they were pleased with the concert.
John Desbois of Brooklin, Canada, said he and his wife and children drove five hours to Clearfield to see Twisted Sister and said he was not disappointed.
He said they arrived Friday, stayed overnight in Clearfield and came to the fair at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. Desbois said he saved their spots in front of the stage while his wife and children went to the fair.
He said he was supposed to see Twisted Sister in 1984 but missed them. He said his family are also fans of the band and also like going to fairs and when they saw Twisted Sister was performing at the Clearfield County Fair, he said it "was a no brainer."
"This is a really nice town." Desbois said. "What an awesome place to see some great bands."
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