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The Progress Home >> Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - Clearfield track teams split with Huntingdon and Juniata

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Clearfield track teams split with Huntingdon and Juniata
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
By Jon Christoff Sports Writer
HYDE - The Clearfield track and field team split a tri-meet at the Bison Sports Complex in its season opener on Tuesday afternoon.
Both the Bisons and Lady Bisons topped Huntingdon, but fell to Juniata.
The boys topped the Bearcats 89-61 and lost 93.5-57.5, while the girls triumphed 76-74 and fell 94.3-56.6.
Despite the mixed results, Clearfield head coach John Jacob was happy with how his team performed.
"We did a nice job for our first time out," he said. "This is the most competitive teams that I've coached, both boys and girls. Everything was close and nobody gave up.
"As far as competitiveness, everybody was out to do a nice job, and I think almost everyone on the track had a personal best."
Alec Freeman and Jessica Shomo were the only multi-event winners for the hosts, who won three of the six relays.
Freeman, a sophomore, claimed both the 1600 and 3200 runs, as he rallied from a first-lap deficit to win the mile in impressive fashion.
Huntingdon and Juniata each had a runner sprint out to the early lead, but Freeman ran his race and won going away by 11 seconds.
"Alec Freeman did a nice job," said Jacob. "The hard-work aspect is there for Alec, and he's now learning to become a competitive racer through technique and strategy in the distance events.
"In the mile, there were two kids that went out at probably a world record pace, but he thought about it, ran his race and came back to take first."
The only other victories for the Bisons came in the form of relay teams, one of which Freeman achored and the other was anchored by senior Beau Swales.
Freeman, Stephen Carns, Casey Wilsoncroft and Jack Soult won the 3200 relay, while Swales along with Ethan Tkacik, Rico Longoria and Kenton Climie won the 1600 relay in the meet's last event.
After narrowly missing wins and school records in both the 100 and 200 dashes, Swales more than made up for it in his leg of the 4-by-4 relay by squeaking past the finish line just ahead of a Juniata runner.
Longoria also ran a pivotal leg, as his 400 gave the team the lead for good after falling behind early.
"Beau was close to a school record in the 100," Jacob said. "That kid has been just going all out and he's pulling people along with him with his leadership.
"Rico has changed and he's done a lot of stuff for us. He was a hidden X-factor on the team and we saw that in the relay. He does what he has to do to help us out, and he's been doing it."
Shomo, who led the 400 relay to a win, picked up her wins in the 100 dash and the long jump.
After being a key cog in the Lady Bisons' success a season ago, Jacob is monitoring Shomo's workload in the early going with hopes of preserving her best efforts for later in the season.
"She did a nice job," said Jacob of Shomo, who teamed with Rachel Thompson, Jill Heichel and Shannon Reinke to win the relay.
"We kind of held her back in the jumps because she sacrificed a lot of her individual goals for our team last year, and it hurt her at the end of the season (at districts). We're trying to get as many points out of her as we can without overdoing it."
Juliana Mellgard won the 800 for Clearfield, which struggled in the throwing events.
Juniata dominated both the boys and the girls' throwing events, but Thompson was able to come up with crucial points by winning the javelin.
"We're a really young team with only one or two leaders on both sides," Jacob said of his throwers. "They did a nice job getting us some points.
"Rachel did a nice job, which we expected, in the javelin and we took her out of a third running event and she got us some points in the discus.
"We train a lot on our endurance and our strength at the beginning of the year, and that was our strong point here. Where we lacked some things and may have lost some points is technique related, and I'll take the blame for that. I'd rather have us strong and injury-free throughout the year than looking good going over the high jump bar or jumping. That's my philosophy of coaching."
Clearfield heads to the Igloo Meet on Saturday.
Curwensville's Becca Johnson, who ran for time only, won a pair of the events at the meet. The Lady Tide junior won the 800 and 1600 runs.

Clearfield 89, Huntingdon 61
Juniata 93.5, Clearfield 57.5
3200 meter relay: 1. Clearfield (Carns, Wilsoncroft, Soult, Freeman), 9:42. 110 meter hurdles: 1. Gilbert, J, 17.1; 2. Graham, C; 3. Reed, H. 100 meter dash: 1. Goshorn, J, 11.2; 2. Swales, C; 3. Longoria, C. 1600 meter run: 1. Freeman, C, 6:19; 2. Walters, H; 3. McKenzie, C. 400 meter dash: 1. Reed, H, 56.7; 2. Foster, J; 3. Tkacik, C. 400 meter relay: 1. Juniata, 45.8. 300 meter hurdles: 1. Gilbert, J, 45.2; 2. Stratton, C; 3. K. Climie, C. 800 meter run: 1. Hall, H, 2:16; 2. McKenzie, C; 3. Wilsoncroft, C. 200 meter dash: 1. Bodley, J, 23.0; 2. Swales, C; 3. Fultz, H. 3200 meter run: 1. Freeman, C, 11:45; 2. Walters, H; 3. McKenzie, C. 1600 meter relay: 1. Clearfield (Swales, Longoria, Tkacik, K. Climie), 3:51. High jump: 1. Frederick, H, 5-8; 2. Gilbert, J; 3. Reed, H. Long jump: 1. Goshorn, J, 18-8½; 2. Garrick, J; 3. Graham, C. Triple jump: 1. Garrick, J, 35-3; 2. Graham, C; 3. Hadsell, J. Shot put: 1. Fitzgerald, J, 39-9; 2. Kostich, J; 3. Audery, H. Discus: 1. Powell, J, 119-5; 2. Fitzgerald, J; 3. Kostich, J. Javelin: 1. Bodley, J, 132-0; 2. Kostich, J; 3. Hummell, J.

Clearfield 76, Huntingdon 74
Juniata 94.3, Clearfield 56.6
3200 meter relay: 1. Juniata, 11:09. 100 meter hurdles: 1. Hart, J, 17.8; 2. Bauman, C; 3. Sellers, H. 100 meter dash: 1. Shomo, C, 13.2; 2. Reinke, C; 3. Bishop, J. 1600 meter run: 1. Woods, H, 6:00; 2. Burns, J; 3. Lynn, H. 400 meter dash: 1. Zimmerman, J, 1:05.9; 2. Fleming, H; 3. Swartz, J. 400 meter relay: 1. Clearfield (Shomo, Thompson, Heichel, Reinke), 53.6. 300 meter hurdles: 1. Woods, H, 53.4; 2. Smith, C; 3. Varner, J. 800 meter run: 1. Mellgard, C, 2:51; 2. Swartz, J; 3. Henny, J. 200 meter dash: 1. Bishop, J, 26.5; 2. Turner, C; 3. Fleming, H. 3200 meter run: 1. Burns, J, 13:28; 2. Conrad, C; 3. Bishop, H. 1600 meter relay: 1. Juniata, 4:37. High jump: 1. Brown, J, 4-8; 2. Sellers, H; 3. tie-Gardner, H and Shaeffer, J. Long jump: 1. Shomo, C, 14-7½; 2. Brown, J; 3. Sellers, H. Triple jump: 1. Brown, J, 32-6½; 2. Zimmerman, J; 3. Sellers, H. Shot put: 1. Williams, J, 30-3; 2. Lindstrom, C; 3. Garner, H. Discus: 1. Williams, J, 120-11; 2. Roth, H; 3. Hower, J. Javelin: 1. Thompson, C, 96-3; 2. Roth, H; 3. Hart, J.
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