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The Progress Home >> Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - Clearfield County releases list of employee salaries

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Clearfield County releases list of employee salaries
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
By Jeff Corcino Staff Writer
The Clearfield County Commissioners approved the salary lists for both elected and salaried employees at its reorganizational meeting Monday.
However, unlike previous years when the salary list was given to the media at the reorganizational meeting, this year all those wanting to receive a copy of it had to first fill out a Right to Know request form. The list was made available yesterday.
Listed are the 2011 salaries of non-unionized county employees. The salaries reflect a 2 percent pay increase from last year.
Charles Adamson, deputy controller, $32,000; Debra Archer, quality assurance/911, $36,563; Dennis Arnold, adult probation officer, $24,150; Jeffrey Aveni, juvenile probation officer, $35,514; Christopher Beck, MIS director software, $32,000; Daniel Bell, guard ad litem, $20,914 and public defender, $43,663; Allen Bietz, juvenile probation officer, $29,982; Charles Brace, 1st assistant public defender, $40,078; Jodi Brennan, county planner and solid waste director, $54,060; Donna Bumbarger, voter registration director, $26,059; Jaime Bumbarger, law clerk, $38,533; Scott Cline, adult probation officer, $33,241; Gregory Collins, assistant deputy warden coordinator, $36,557; John Crance, fiscal operations officer, $28,090; Adam Curry, MIS director hardware, $32,000; Christine Davis, juvenile probation supervisor, $42,146; Aaron Dugan, adult probation officer IPP, $34,480; James Dunsmore, domestic relations supervisor, $33,755; Susan Duttry, caseworker supervisor, $35,806; Andrew Edinger, juvenile probation officer, $24,995; Robert Farabaugh, corrections officer, $25,188; Doris Folmar, judicial secretary, $25,509; Donald Gibboney, court attorney, $49,910; Steven Gillespie, adult probation officer, $31,032; and Noell Gilson, adult probation officer, $24,995.
Dawn Graham, elections director, $21,420; Deanna Graham, caseworker supervisor, $33,734; Jeffrey Graham, tax claims assistant director, $37,728; Beau Grove, assistant district attorney, $41,000; Jason Hamilton, CYS director, $56,701; Jennifer Hutton, juvenile probation officer, $31,032; John Kaskan, GIS director, $37,710; Jacqueline Kendrick, deputy prothonotary/clerk of courts, $28,698; Lisa Kovalick, community development specialist, $42,864; Bonnie Kuklinskie, deputy treasurer, $27,994; Domenick Kurtz, veterans director, $32,142; Betty Lansberry, deputy register and recorder, $26,790; Samuel Lombardo, warden, $45,709; Trudy Lumadue, chief assistant district attorney, $42,500; Joshua Maines, assistant district attorney, $41,000, David McClure, director/911, $38,760; Donald McClusick, probation director, $49,355; Lisa McFadden, chief clerk, $35,022; Joseph McGovern, lieutenant, $29,371; Lisa McLaughlin, clerical supervisor, $26,016; Shawn McMahon, part-time assistant public defender, $19,737; Robert McQillen, juvenile probation officer, $38,402; Scott Mignot, deputy warden, $30,691; Warren Mikesell II, part-time assistant district attorney, $23,307; Joseph Mitchell, deputy director logistics and tech., $33,292; and Leanne Nedza, part-time assistant district attorney, $10,000.
Beverly Oswalt, domestic relations assistant director, $40,149; Gerald Pollock, EMA director planning, $34,669; Jason Pudleiner, assistant public defender, $35,700; Lisa Redden, adult probation supervisor, $42,587; Rick Redden, DRO director, $47,137; Laurie Reed, adult probation supervisor of collections, $37,506; Nikki Rohrback, juvenile probation officer, $27,988; Dawn Rowles, judicial secretary, $25,509; Timothy Ryen, adult probation officer, $25,870; Marianne Sankey, human relations coordinator, $34,073 and Right to Know officer $3,300; Christine Semelsberger, caseworker supervisor, $31,609; Judy Shirey, victim/witness director, $31,249; Robert Snyder, chief deputy sheriff, $37,384; Dennis Socash, conference officer supervisor, $34,641; Robert Thomas, planning specialist, $33,865; Thad Wallstrom, adult probation officer, $25,870; Tonya Weitoish, caseworker supervisor, $31,609; Julee Welker, enforcement officer supervisor, $34,641; Kurtis Wisor, adult probation community service, $27,304; and Jennifer Wooster, tax assessor director, $44,982.
The salaries for elected officials are: Anthony Scotto, controller, $42,736 and retirement secretary, $3,300; Carol Fox, treasurer, $42,736; Ellen Harry and Linda Hatcher, jury commissioners, $7,544; Chester Hawkins, sheriff, $42,736; R. Joel Heath, coroner, $42,736; Maureen Inlow, register and recorder, $47,219; Mark McCracken, Joan McMillen and John Sobel, commissioners, $47,764; William Shaw, prothonotary, $47,219; and William Shaw Jr., district attorney, $163,584.
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