STATE COLLEGE — Mount Nittany Health announced recently that with its average daily census of COVID positive inpatients declining for the past several days, it is resuming some elective surgeries and other procedures that do not require an overnight stay, including elective cardiac procedures.

All the safety protocols it has had in place in the past, requiring testing of patients and scheduling of procedures, will continue.

Elective surgeries and procedures that require an overnight stay will continue to be postponed through the end of January.

Currently, there are 42 COVID positive inpatients at Mount Nittany Medical Center, ages 28 to 99, with an average daily census of 44 COVID patients over the past week.

Chief Medical Officer Nirmal Joshi, MD, FACP, said, “The number of COVID positive inpatients is still quite high, and we have had to continue the long-term adjustments to surgical care for those needing an admission through January.

“We continue to monitor on a daily basis, and we will make adjustments as needed to serve our COVID positive inpatients and those needing us for acute and surgical care.”

“Even with vaccines gradually being administered, everyone needs to continue taking the precautions we’ve all been talking about: wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and avoiding large gatherings. It is impossible to predict how long COVID will be with us, what levels of infection we’ll see going forward, and how long it will take before most of the population can be vaccinated.”

The health system has been operating under its Pandemic Response Plan to monitor and adjust services to meet the needs of the community.

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