Details for PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Waroquier Coal Company



Notice is hereby given that Waroquier Coal Company, doing business at P.O. Box 128, Clearfield, PA 16830 is filing for a bond release on a portion of the Ogden, SMP #17110112 located in Lawrence Township, Clearfield County pursuant to the Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act. The company is requesting that $48,665 be released from the $59,056 bond submitted for this project. The properties affected by the release, located on the Clearfield U.S.G.S. quadrangle map approximately 1100 feet northeast of the intersection of State Road SR-1006 (Goshen Road) and Township Road T-610 (Mt. Joy Road ) are owned by Letitia Ogden and Ronald Zalno (formerly Donald Siebenrock) and others.

Stage ll release is being requested for 13.2 acres. The release area has in place sedimentation controls which are in accordance with the approved E&S control plan. Topsoil was replaced and revegetation according to the approved plan was completed prior to October, 2016.

Written comments, objections and requests for public hearing or informal conference on the above referenced bond release may be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection, 186 Enterprise Drive, Philipsburg, PA 16866 within 30 days following the last publication of this notice and must include the person's name, address, telephone number and a brief statement as to the nature of the objection(s).