Penn Highlands Clearfield Surgical Staff

The surgical services staff at Penn Highlands Clearfield recently celebrated its high quality and successful year recently. Shown are members of the operating room team, from left, front row, Tracy Twigg, RN; Shannon Foreman, CST, or certified surgical tech; Alexa Thompson, RN; Karen Rodkey, surgical secretary; and Dr. Edward Dench, anesthesiologist; second row, Tracy Davis, CST; Betty Shanechuck, LPN; Jen Hamilton, CST; Sue Kephart, RN; Brenda Strouse, BSN, RN; Crystal M. Wadsworth, RN; and Colleen Geppert, LPN; back row, Brooke Bias, CRNA or certified registered nurse anesthetist; Kathy Smith, RN; Kevin Holland, CRNA; Val Greenawalt, CST; Trish Neeper, RN; Mark Gorby, RN, director of surgical services at PH Clearfield; Michelle Ammerman, RN; Stacy Lamont, RN; Kim Domres, RN; and Cathy Greenland, RN.

CLEARFIELD — The Surgical Services staff at Penn Highlands Clearfield was recently congratulated for its high quality scores by Rhonda Halstead, president of PH Clearfield.

The team celebrated that it had 3,055 cases in 2018 and only one report of a surgical site infection. “That is remarkably below national average,” Mark W. Gorby, RN, director of Peri-operative and Anesthesia Services at Penn Highlands Clearfield, said. “And that number includes any infections found after a patient is discharged.”

“We have a remarkable operating room team at PH Clearfield,” Halstead said. “We may be small but we are mighty. The staff and physicians are excellent, and they truly care about their work and their patients.”

Gorby also credits the team in the OR.

“We have RNs who are certified in operating room procedures, certified surgical technologists, dedicated anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists who assist the anesthesiologist…there are RNs and LPNs in ambulatory care – pre-surgery and post-op care, highly skilled post-anesthesia care unit nurses, our central sterile tech keeps the instruments for the entire hospital and clinics clean…housekeeping staff and maintenance who ensure the cleanliness and safety for our patients. We all work together well.”

What can be done at PH Clearfield? “We perform more than 3,000 surgical procedures each year,” Gorby said. “They range from routine, elective operations to the complex.” Our physicians who use the OR are:

Dr. Ryan Bisbey and Dr. Tim Marra are ophthalmologists who perform more than 700 cataract removals and lens replacement surgeries.

Dr. Robert E. Steward, Dr. Michael Wingate and Dr. Douglas Yingling are general surgeons. They can perform laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and hernias, bowel resection, breast surgery to name a few. They also perform 950 colonoscopies and upper endoscopies per year.

Dr. Mark Nartatez and Dr. Keith Zeliger are orthopedic surgeons who can perform total joints replacement surgeries for knees, hips and shoulder, and arthroscopic surgeries which is a surgery using a small incision on the joints to make repairs in the area. They also fix fractures, and do hand and elbow procedures.

Dr. Justin MacCarthy, an ear, nose and throat specialist, performs advanced sinus surgery, ear tube insertion and tonsillectomies.

Dr. Thomas Carnevale and Dr. Praxidio Tagala both perform gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomies, D&C hysteroscopy (inspection of the uterine cavity) and other laparoscopic procedures.

Dr. John Banerji, Dr. Anuj Chopra and Dr. Joseph Chang are all urologists who can perform cystoscopy or bladder examination, lithotripsy to break kidney stones and laser surgery for kidney stones.

Dr. Lara Allman, Dr. Tammy Carlson-Little, Dr. Thomas Hoffman and Dr. Courtney Johnson McKissick, podiatrists, perform advanced foot and ankle surgeries.

Dr. Spring McCann oversees the Pain Clinic to manage acute and chronic pain through anesthesiology procedures.

Dr. Bruno Romeo and Dr. Rashmi Mishra perform lung procedures and inspections using equipment to see inside the lungs and airways.

Dr. Jay Arlick and Dr. Joshua Matonak, maxillofacial surgeons, treat injuries and illness in the head, neck, face, jaws and mouth.

In addition to the OR, the hospital’s Ambulatory Care Unit performs more than 500 procedures yearly including blood and platelet transfusions, IV antibiotic infusions, PICC line insertion, intramuscular injections, fluid removal from the abdomen and chest, and removal of lesions.

“There are so many procedures that can be done at PH Clearfield,” Halstead said. “Providing these services saves patients from traveling and keeps them close to home – exactly where everyone wants to be.”