The Progress is happy to announce the birthdays of area residents, but many times the information is received too late for publication. Names and birthdays must be received at least two days before the birthday.

If twins, please designate. There is no charge.

Proper first names must be submitted. Nicknames will not be published.

Progressland residents with birthdays on:

June 30, 2020

Chelsey Chambers

Laurie Domico

Jessica Drass

Hunter Dullen

Shirley English

Brennan Harris

Jane McKeehan

Shana Parks

Sheila Potts

Zachary M. Webb

Brandon Wills

Names and birthdates may be taken to The Progress office, Clearfield, mailed to The Progress Birthday Column, P.O. Box 952, Clearfield, PA 16830 or called in to 765-7813. If leaving a message, please be sure to give the name and birth date, spell the name clearly and leave a call back number.